Water is on the way you need to find a & # 39; Following the grass fire in California


PARADISE, Calif. (Reuters) – Rain is on the way to the north of California that was destroyed by fire, and commentators on Sunday said how the dead were lost and lost after their worst wild fires in the state.

NASA Business Imagination satellite image shows Camp Fire at 10:45 a.m. local time near Paradise, California. Licensed by NASA / via REUTERS

The wild fires have already been at least 76 feed applications and the number of people needed to jump on Saturday to 1,276, despite the authorities. Find hundreds of people who were scattered when the Camp fire was; go through Paris on the mountains.

It is expected that up to four inches of water will arrive from late to Friday in Sierra foothills, the Weather Service Weather Center, including the Paris, said the completely but out of Camp Fire.

"No one could think that this would happen," said President Donald Trump told the reporters when he visited Paradise on Saturday, and spoke among what is needed from the Skyway Villa Mobile Home and RV Park route.

It was expected that emerging revival teams should be increasing through the Duchess on Sunday, and # 39; depends on DNA to reinforce identity.

Water also falls on San Francisco, helping to clean the air with unhealthy smokers from Theine Camp about 175 miles (280 km) north.

Some sporting events were issued in the San Francisco Bay area on Saturday as "unhealthy" air was measured by the Environmental Protection Agency, the San Francisco Chronicle and other media reported. Elderly and children were advised to stay in.

That water will help out, said Patrick Burke, a former forester with the National Weather Service Forecast Center in Park Park, Maryland.

However, the water will be a "single-pocket" he said.

"It will give relief to firefighters and the quality of the air, but there is potential for dangerous seaweed wherever plants are burned on slopes and hills," said e.

"The regular water will be through the Friday with about three inches and spots that may have four or more inches of water," he said. "And again, anywhere where the vegetation is fired, there is little to keep the ground and rubble instead."

It is expected to fall up to two inches of water in southern California this week, which covers north of Sacramento where the fire called Woolsey At least three lives, Burke said.

On Saturday, there were two forensic geologists for the University of Nevada, Reno, helping firefighters settle through what was left in a moving home park for older people in Paris.

Firefighters returned the metal page of a fallen roof when the anthropologists discovered the bones of a bone, when disposed of in paper bags.

Roger Fielding, deputy secretary by Sheriff Martin County Office, stated that each site was treated as a crime, with all stages of a mapped resolution solution.

"Our work is to build any items that can show what this person might be," he said.

Trump joined his Saturday tour with Governor of California Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom's Governor. The Brown said that the federal government would do what it was necessary to do, and # 39; including initially supporting initially and responding users. help you to clean and & # 39; find victims.

Sealladh-inn (4 Images)

Trump has been blaming recent woodland management fires, and said that he had disputed his / her. Brown with Newsom on the trip to the party.

Later than a week later, firefighters carved wheel trails around 55% of the boundary of the vessel.

As well as the tax on people's lives, the loss of property from the solution makes it worse in the history of California, offers additional challenge to long-term shelter for many thousands of residents removed.

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