Water was protected, a small business, vegetable price and meat had risen


Vegetables are damaged, there is a dreadful traffic, goods on the market have fallen significantly; usual. On the morning of November 26, at a temporary market under the Mieu Noi area (Vu Huy Tan street, Binh Thanh area) there were many small traders in new sale from the weather; impact. A vegetable stall owner always announces the price of some things to consider before buying. "I need to catch new products at market sales, today's vegetables are 20,000 VND / kg, twice yesterday, it seems that these vegetables are not easily harvested for sale," – S South

Water protection, retail sale of small businesses, vegetable prices and roots - Picture 1.

The level of green vegetables on its market, as well as discounted supermarkets compared to normal days and so prices have been greatly enhanced. A photograph taken at the Ba Chieu Market on November 26th. Photograph: Ngoc Anh

At a market in the Ba Chieu market (Binh Thanh area) vegetables less than normal days, many bad vegetables, due to the effects of water and storm. At the same time, the markets are higher than buying the usual food stores as a result of the consequences of weather problems with disadvantage.

Other markets in Ho Chi Minh City, many small traders closed on sale as a result of floodwater and fewer products.

In the Himlam condominium district (Area 6), Ms. Ngoc Tuyen, a resident here, is the Aeon Citimart supermarket under the furniture for buying milk, making eggs for breakfast but they have to go up empty. "At 9 o'clock I went down to buy something and I saw a lot of people to buy neodles immediately, needs. blistersAlso milk for children. Today, some supermarkets have added vegetables but Very little, supermarket staff say there is a normal return at noon or evenings, "said Tuyen.

At his shop in Vinhomes Central Park (Binh Thanh District), the power of buying people is 2-3 times longer than usual days. At a 3 Clean Park 3 shop, staff said pigs early in the morning, a clean cow at the time but vegetables and roots are no longer, they do not know when the new one is due to a flooding road in every place. Many housewives try to dress for a few yards to cook a meal for their family during the day of the glass. Hoa, a resident in the Vinhomes area, said that her three children are away from home, so she must apply at home to look after her children as long as they do. cooking.

At the same time, at its Vinmart + in & # 39; Vinhomes, the vegetables still serve residents but the meat, the frozen fish is very bad. The staff in this shop said that the number of customers who have a " falling on the weekend, so the power bought 2-3 times 2-3 times a week, so there was a shortage in some materials. catch upHowever, due to the lack of freight locally, but according to schedules, prices in these stores remain constant.

Recognized in three Binh Dien markets, Thu Duc, Hoc Mon, the level of food was reduced almost half compared to weekdays. Especially, at night from 25 to 26-11 a morning, there were only locks and fruits to the Hoc Mon market but 1,400 tonnes, down more than 1,000 tonnes compared to the previous night. Hoc Mon market meat is only 194 tonnes, just half the day before.

"As a result of the storm that causes traffic disasters, goods transport is tough, so the goods on the market really fell. The school closed so the school's kitchen does not , bringing to goods, market for small merchants to sell … so to market sales. Only some of the meat products changes) thighs an VND1,000 – VND2,000 / kg, other sustainable items "- representing the Hoc Hoc Wholesale Market.

Large-scale supermarkets at City HCM said retail supermarkets are still working in the green days. However, in some supermarkets, green vegetables are lower than usual. Major retailers show that shortage of vegetables is shortage in days; disappeared due to the effects of large scale storms.

Vietnam has been working with vegetables (Dukichich, Long District) is mentioned as a & # 39; rest of the week is closed because the cooperative plant gardens have "fallen" due to floods and so the rest is not sold. This has a huge impact on the shops and homes that put the vegetables into the company.

Previously, recorded on November 25 when there are strong Number 9 typhoons in the areas, southern cities, supermarkets, hypermarkets in HCMC are quite vacant, and easy sources, shops A new retail sale in the place of residence, the room is a buy a lot of people. Heavy rain should be heavy rain, many people who want to go to the street to "choose" to go to their marketplace in the easiest way.

HCMC: Over 2,000 homes have lost electricity

City HCM's electricity company has up to 8m on November 26, over 2,000 homes in the Hung Hoa B ward area, Binh Tan area still has a power loss due to deep floods and its # 39; get over. South Westerly

The company has restored power to the majority of customers. In some areas, the power used generating generators for temporary power supply. It is expected that a Company will be able to. Co-ordination in the units associated with the morning to significantly override short electricity supplies for all residents in Ho Chi Minh City.

Previously, at 25-11, to ensure the safety of people in some areas affected by the storm (floods, fallen trees …), Ho Chi Minh Town Hydro Electricity Some roads ; electric cutting, a & # 39; affecting electricity supply to around 130,000 users.

Last year, its Company has encouraged all the resources, and # 39; eye-catching monitor, step-by-step re-installations for customers. However, due to bad weather, the regulations do not allow electric repairs, and & # 39; Following to some deep waters with a long-term recovery.


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