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Over the past few months there have been nearly 1,000 homes in the Yen Tho commune, the Yen Dinh area (Thanh Hoa) living in extreme conditions when sudden wells and wells dried up.

According to the Population Committee of Yen Tho commune, by the beginning of March 2002, 922 households of 6/7 towns were falling into the water supply as a whole.

The wells of water in their homes in the Yen Tho commune, the Yen Dinh area are growing suddenly. Photo: Quach Du

Mr Ho Xuan Binh – Chairman of the Yen Tho Commune People's Committee, announced in January January 1.2019 that sources of over 400 homes were dried out, after which this scenario was released. So far there have been nearly 1,000 homes in the area with wells and drill wells.

"As soon as the incident happened, the blame told the Yen Dinh Department of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to find out solutions to overcome it -" Mr Binh said.

Ms Nguyen Thi Van (resident in the Yen Tho commune) said that the family's sources were early in the last 3 months. Lack of water meant the family had to be trained to train one new one. Although new wells are drilled deeper, there is not enough water. On top of that, the store is very black and when the tea is poured, the water turns black.

When the water was flowing into the black interior it was black. Photo: Quach Du

In the same situation, Mrs Nguyen Thi Duc (who lives in the association) said that to date the family must drain 3 wells. However, there is sometimes no drinking water. "If this situation is followed, the location of thousands of people in the water industry in the coming summer days is unknown" – Ms Duc said.

According to the Chairman of the People's Committee of Yen Tho commune (area of ​​Yen Dinh), Yen Tho commune met not only this situation, but on the other side of the river Ma (in the Vinh Ninh commune, Vinh Loc Lock area) A similar situation happened. Wells are stored in many homes suddenly excavated.

Reinforcing the information above, Mr Nguyen Van Binh – Chairman of the VIP Committee of the Vinh Loc Area, said that there were nearly 200-300 households at the end of 2018 in the area where the influence was felt. the drill wells. running out of the water. Later, to overcome this situation, families had to drain new wells to get water to use.

The water level at Ma River (the region that runs through Yen Tho commune) is low. Photo: Quach Du

Depending on the original ideas of many people, the reason for this situation may be that illegal mining activities are taking place on River If many years ago. In addition, to dismantle the pump station on the River If your river water level (the section running through this) is reduced to around 2m.

Currently, there are action groups in the Yen Dinh area, Thanh Hoa who still understand suddenly and are recovering from this situation quickly to keep the lives of people stable.

The Yen Tho commune (red border), Yen Dinh area, Thanh Hoa district. Photos: Google Maps

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