Waterbreakers accompany David Beckham for this photograph with his daughter


David Beckham He can become a good father for his four children, although he has a picture with his daughter who sent himself to her; His Instagram account has been the aim of criticizing his / her own community. The football reel appears to be & # 39; Little Harper's kiss on the bills as long as they are. scattered. Christmas comes, the message is coming; with him.

But the statue did not create the expected mind and much criticized that the athlete was kissed by the little girl in his mouth because they think it's not right. "Why are you kissing?" He asked surfer. As long as he says: "This is not right!" Another translation, "Rum: his father's kiss is not appropriate for his child's essay, although he is on his / her / it's good".

In the meantime, an old companion David I came out of defense. Tom Brady commented: "Pap and daughter, how sweet!" It should be restored that the maritime has been doing the same penalty with Victoria's person, as at the beginning of the year it was shown with him; his eldest children, 10 years old, and his / her; kissing her blogs in a series of Facebook series, Tom Vs. Time.

Like the picture of Beckham, there would be mixed online answers at the moment. "Everyone was questioning Tom Brady to marry her kiss on bills and as a Catholic ass as a son, he was ready to protect her, but a boy, or a boy, the kiss is to delay, "write a woman in that trip

"Anyone who is feeling fit for Tom Brady's 11-year-old kiss should stop thinking," said another. "Everything I see as a dear father … and the last time I did, it was a good thing," he said.

The co-athletes also transmitted in the parade, including the NFL Fellow Hall member, Willie Roaf who told TMZ: "You do not do that … I have no problem with Without … I do not think it's important "

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