Way to fix server error in the '/' application.


Something that has affected a large group of people today is the one server error in the '/' application. Given that many do not know what to do if this message appears, it is here that the methods to solve it will be shared here.

First method to solve the problem

The simplest method that exists to fix this device error with Android operating systems consists of clear the application cache in question. To do this, you must go to the device's administrator of the device in its settings. Then you will have to go to the APP with the error and enter your storage, there you will only need to press on Clear Cache and the problem should already disappear.

Other ways to delete the server error in the '/' application.How to fix server error in the '/' application.

In the event that the previous method was not effective, it can be tried to format your factory features to the phone, the first thing that you need to do for this is to go to the settings and in them to the Backup and reset section. Lastly, you will have to use the factory Reset data option.

Elements that can cause the error

Another thing that can cause this problem to be generated is that the date and time are poorly configured. In the event that the error is a consequence of this factor, the only thing that is needed is to enter the adjustments and accommodate the date and time.

With this it is unlikely that it will again have difficulties to solve a server error in the '/' application. In a short time As you can understand, all of these techniques are easy to apply so that even the least experienced in smartphones can use them.

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