Waze will be adding animations to NYC tunnels so that drivers can connect to GPS apps


Waze has announced that he is expanding its Waze Beacon program to New York City tunnels today, working with the MTA and Commission; Port to develop navigation apps (which includes Waze, obviously) when it is underground. The changes will begin today, with Waze Beacons a & # 39; live in Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, Queens-Midtown Tunnel, and Tunnel Hugh L. Carey (Brooklyn-Battery).

The Waze Beacons themselves have only battery microcontrollers that use low power Bluetooth features to communicate with smartphones, and allows Waze to provide other places to drivers even when they are out of a GPS (which hangs on Eddystone technology near Google acres for communication)

The Beacons are installed on a tunnel and can be used to provide information to underground drivers (for privacy purposes, which the Beacons do not provide information in one way in one way), and # 39; allows drivers to slowly disrupt traffic or disasters even without GPS.

As Waze announces the Beacons site, other browsing services will take advantage of Waze & Beacons to provide the same support as well, as a theory that you can access the enhanced service Even if you're not a Waze User.

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