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Miroslav Lajčák

Miroslav Lajčák.

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President of the future organization of the European Security and Cooperation Group (OSCE) – on January 1, 2019 – as well as the UN's Global Potential on Immigration main issues Foreign Affairs Monday and Minister European Affairs Major Producer Miroslav Lajcak for the EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy by Federico Mogherini.

The leader of the diploma of Slavic said he had met Mogherini previously
EU Council on Foreign Affairs.

"The main issue we were talking about was the Slovakian who came to
the OSCE Chair and the ability to cooperate between the OSCE and the European Union
union, "said Lajčák. He reminded the EU and the OSCE in June this year
to decide its decision, and the First President of the Savior,
which will be held after completing this Agreement. "It's really interesting
to show that such a contract welcomes both
groups, "he said.

Accordingly, the EU and OSCE want to cooperate specifically with
projects that help to improve the life of ordinary people in the areas
Europe is affected by a different struggle, whether it is going on or not

"We agree that we will deal with this item and together
we're going to work out, "said Lajčák.

The provincial leader of Zoovel warned that they had not escaped Mogherini
or the subject of UN's UN-UNIVERSITY version of migration. He stressed this topic
Nowadays "good answer" in Europe as well as in Slovakia
and reporting that the EU had an active part in the talks

"All our ideas, including Slovia, and those of the European Union, have been
in the text of the document, "said Lajčák.

The Pact's aim is to strengthen and organize migrant rights
migrate to flush

The 34-page document, which was accepted in the UN in 2017,
at the time Lajčák was the President of the United Nations General Assembly
Better help to run migration streams and its; strengthening immigration rights.
This political document, however, does not allow any member countries to do anything
Immigration policy is still not the sovereign right of each Member State
One. Last week, the European Commission has given strong support for this
Agreement to adopt the December Inter-Government Conference
in Marrakech.

In this context, Lajčák said that Mogherini is already there
she has repeatedly said several times and she accepts this situation.

"We are not happy that this topic is used by populists,
xenophobes and nationalists who spread passions and cheats about this document.
There is nothing else but to increase the population itself, but
in a curious way, "he summarized the Lajčák situation.

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