We are testing the Samsung Galaxy M20. Find out what you're interested in


In late January, the Samsung Galaxy M20 was introduced in India. This phone is referred to as the first real threat to cheap Chinese phones. Samsung's new phone has a 5,000mA battery, a slight cut out in the display and prices very interesting, all it offers. Today, the Galaxy M20 has come to the editorial office and is starting to prove it. What are you interested in by phone?

What is the focus of the Samsung Galaxy M20 review?

Samsung Galaxy M20 has been one of the most interesting Samsung phones for a long time. Last year, the head of the company said that more focused on the middle and middle classes. And one of the first successful models of the Galaxy M20 is, at least, paper. At the beginning, he looks at the smaller frames with a small cutting. Then it is 8 selfie MPie camera.

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