"We can not play any game"


Daniel Angelici, president of Boca Juniors, wanted the River Plate to be disqualified and that the second leg should not be debated.

"We do not play any game." It was so strong Daniel Angelici, president of Boca Juniors, after finding out the situation of Conmebol. South America's leading football team publishes a statement in which he says that the final between River Plate and Boca will be held on 8 or 9 December and will not be in Argentina.

"We are not heads to play another final game", The other phrases by the head of "xeneizes". Of course, the decision of the Disciplinary Court of Conmebol is missing, as Boca made a formal complaint in which he asked him to be in a position; played and the River was renowned.

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"We have enough elements to disallow the River, if they abide by the Law, there is a sufficient background, we mentioned the disqualification of 2015. If we need to go to TAS, we will do that ", closed Angelici

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