We can not suspend items that have been put to death on electric cables. Thursday last year


CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt said Monday that could not dispel 102 electronic power cells in the same session on Thursday.

The exchange added that the decision to bring the actions brought back with the system was to be purchased and bought; Sell ​​the same session but again to the stock exchange database.

The bus decided to delete all of the actions made on paperwork paper executives that were executed in a Thursday trading session.

Company Holding Pioneers today announced progress through one arm from the investing company – Samo Consulting Co. – to provide essential purchase of 100% of the Egyptian Customs Company shares for a price of 1.35 per department.

The company of Holding Pioneers for Investments Financial and related agencies is 48.5% of the Egyptian Egyptian Customs Company shares with a capital of LE 711.4 million.

The profit company of LE 87.8 million ranged between January and September 2018, compared to a 12.2 million LE loss in the comparable time in 2017, and taking care of minority partners.


Sales sales are converted to Egyptian electricity cables for profit

End of the Pioneers Holding capital increase

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