"We do not have to turn off the duties and make this one an offense"


Doras 36, Quai des Orfèvres, old judicial police headquarters in Paris – Kenzo Tribouillard AFP

  • Emily S., a 38-year-old Canada, expresses two BIS police officers who are in a position, up in 2014.
  • If they confess that they spent the night with her, Nicolas R. and Antoine Q. who refused to attack her.
  • The two men appear until 1 February before the Assize Court of Paris.
  • They get 20 years of a criminal prison.

For one time, Emilys S. was not sitting on the cats of civil divisions. This Tuesday, a young woman settled in her; the public to listen to her lawyer, Mrs. Sophie Obadia, who was sent to the Assize Court of Paris. The test, which has been running for just over two weeks, Ensure that the jurors are not the six jurors. But that is
Two BRI police she complained that she was convicted, in April 2014, in office
Beul-aithris 36, Quai des Orfèvres. "We should not turn off the duties and we will make this criminals, the person who designed everything, to design everything," a & # 39; stress the crimes strongly.

But this has happened "in the past, she regrets her. The defense, from the beginning of his case, has tried to "doubtlessly" the Canadian woman's word. To go away for "crazy, a mytho, miar", "swinger" that would have agreed "slept with a number of people". However, after six months of research, his first report revealed that the complainant was "credible, true and not mythomanic". "He gave us confidence because, according to the media, she was completely away," who breathed Obadia's master.


The second experience related to the foundations of DNA on his body and on clothing. Emily S. is constantly reporting that many people have been convicted of crime. "One morning, I'll turn on the radio – RTL – and I'm learning that everybody of" 36 "has been a DNA test. We look for the third DNA, the M1, the missing one, "said Master Obadia. "I have not heard that we have two DNA that is safe. I'm hearing that a man is missing. This is where the wind is turning." So, -Uas Emily S., what are you doing? sleep with everyone, what is this girl with her sweetheart? "That's the test that is for the victim."

For Obadia's master, Emily S.'s wife « overfriendly Which "love" and "to speak" to everyone. A "confident" and "vulnerable" person, who found himself in Galway, was in the middle of a "pack" of men who saw "uncertain" behavior in attendance. She did not worry, by spending the night at this Irish pub with police, she would "be at risk". When she realized she was too dirty to go back to her hotel, she agreed
The defenders followed "36", who believed it would be "safe". But in the buildings of the former police policemen, she had suffered from "obstructing", "irritating". "These are Bayonne festivals, the meat on the meat."

"Hard answers"

His companion, Father Mario Stavi, rises and wants to turn it for about an hour. He speaks to the "personal declaration" of the murder: the accused person is. And to reinforce it, it is based on "file objectives elements", or "displays": the telephony that shows according to what the police did "change the crime situation". The crime also remembers that the DNA of Antoine Q was found in the & # 39; mourning at Emily S., that a DNA varied sperm was found by the complainant in the suburbs of the accused. But "they have only made a lot of answers".

Test Antoine Q. and Nicolas R. are on Wednesday. General Candidate, Philippe Courroye, will take his requests in the morning. Anne-Laure Compoint and Sebastien Schapira's defense lawyer advocates early intervention in the evening. There should be a debate during the day of Thursday. The two accused, who
They refused the truth they have been charged with, and take 20 years imprisonment.

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