We get a Catherine: Full Body Romance release date


For a short time, Catriona: A full group has been opened, but now it appears when it is released in the West (ie America and Europe) on September 3, 2019. Only for PlayStation 4.

At the time of the information, we got a new preview with some new scenes from the extended version. The full group will create new graphics, music, play, stories and new multi-game options to a basic game. The most important legend is that Vincent's main character is not more often now with his connection; with Catherine and Katherine, but the woman is an amnesia woman, Rhine. But this is not, there are two times, around 500 (!) Jogsaw in this version, and so the infected ones who enjoy it. This part of the game is very difficult to do well. They do not have to worry about those who just want to enjoy the story, since there is a whole-party safety method, where we can tidy upset Tetris skinny.

Which English is there synchronous Despite this, the original sounds come back, including Troy Baker (Vincent) and Laura Bailey (Catherine), who are very popular names in the professional. Joel was the last one; in The Last of Us and the last one was Nadine Ross in Uncharted 4. But, if the Japanese is a favorite person, you can also choose.

The game has a true Heart of Desire, known as a metal book with an art book, a music disc and a wild lamb. It costs $ 80, but it's just a metal sheet for $ 60. There's no news about marketing at home. More information about the website.

It is likely that only a whole body can be heard on PS4, but an initial version has been distributed for its computer.

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