We had no commission from us, I didn't know about its meetings, he said about Faltýnek Ťok – Novinky.cz


When asked if he was correct that Faltýnek was involved, Tok told Pravo, "I don't know what level. We didn't have the commission from us."

He also refused to know about Fair meetings. "Well, certainly not. I certainly didn't know about these last discussions," he said to Pravo.

Faltýnek said he was meeting with Jakub Kopřiva and Milan Feranc.

He was not at the meeting of the ANO Group, where Faltýnek explained his case to his colleagues. “But I met Mr Faltýnek. He said that most of the things he said were not saying. So far, I believe it, "said Jok.

Faltýnek explained his roles with Director Kapsch Karel Feix and Chairman of the Antimonopoly Office (OPC) Petr Rafaj to journalists in our previous election period by trying with Tok.

“Five years is responsible for moving the ANO movement. At this time the Prime Minister Sobotka tells our minister: to solve the problem by the end of July or to break you out, I don't need any qualifications as the first vice-president. to resolve the problem, and sorted it out, ”said Faltýnek.

Thatok confirmed that Sobotka threatened to throw it out, and said he had several times. In fact, Mr Sobotka can often handle taxes, if there is a chance to speak at the meeting, I can explain the history. I would like to encourage them to make this offer clear, ”he pointed out the Minister for Transport for Law.

But in spite of this, the Sobotka threat in 2015 stopped him in 2015, Faltýnek held meetings in 2017.

“We must say lines. If anything was sorted in 2015 and then in 2017 … In 2015, it was certainly sorted out. But that would be the command for 2017? “The Minister said.

Jurečka: The commission did not fall for Blood

The Christian Democrats (KDU), who was the third partner in a government in Sobotka, do not know that Faltýnek is commissioned for negotiations.

"I have never remembered that, at a consortium council level, the government, or the tax-raising committee, that some status would have led Mr Bruce to rise to tax collectors, or t negotiating with the competition authority, "Tuesday Tuesday Deputy Party Party and former Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka."

"If the matter comes within YES, it is another issue, but as a previous partner, we have never held such a contract," said the chairman. Jurečka at a press conference.

According to the information, Faltýnka has an interest in police looking to handle the tax system. On Thursday, the police intercepted a number of locations throughout the country, including the Antimonopoly Office, the Kapsch headquarters and a Prague flat flat. She didn't blame anyone.

Police are suspected of being the subject of pollution by the OPC chairman Petr Rafaj and director of the Czech Kapsch Karel Feix. In this context, we spoke about Faltýnek, which they treated.

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