We have signed a "hedge contract" against oil price increases for five months


Al-Mulla: We added hedge agreements against the oil price increase of 5 months ago Al-Fursan Al-Masry said: We have signed the "hedge funds" against oil price increases for 5 months. We have signed a "hedge contract" against oil price increases for the last 5 months.

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The Minister for the Marine and Mineral Resources Tariq Al-Mulla said "hedging contracts" has been signed against the rise in world oil prices for around 5 months.

In a news conference, Al Mulla confirmed that the 15th Arab Mineral Resources Conference was launched under the President's Presidential and Presidential President's presence. It's a & n; The designation of hedge agreements with several international banks aims to save a common budget in world oil prices. For petroleum.

In terms of the benefit and implementation of these contracts, the minister said that it is a method based on global data and prices in the markets in good time.

The budget allocated to petrol materials is 89 billion pounds, which are expected to rise according to experts according to the increase in world oil prices.

The minister stated that the revised gasoline 95 output was launched at Egypt's petroleum and co-operative stations to increase market needs, especially from the level of consumption Gasoline 95 has recently increased by 500%.

"New fuel price is at the same price as the normal 95 petrol yield but with better features that contribute to the engine quality enhancement of the engine and its output; keep up the parts, "he said.

He noted that gasoline was better at the same time, but it contributes to a reduction in the number; fuel cost for the same speed.

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Al-Fursan Network, Al Mulla: We have agreed to hedge contracts against oil prices rise for 5 months. Follow our social networking site on our website to get new news on a regular basis.

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