"We have the same desire": Mauricio Macri's Message for New Year


President Mauricio Macri welcomed the year 2019 by sending a message on social media under the heading "We have the same desire."

"I wanted to welcome you at this time to share the joy that will start its year, I hope you are celebrating it, Now with the love of the people who are of great interest or that they live in your mind and heart. "said Head of State.

And finished: "I know you have the same as I wish for this year that starts: to overcome the challenges that come forward (yes, what those who are), to be better every day, to be living together, there is confidence that I can not achieve"

Earlier, Head of Chaibineit Marcos Peña and landlord of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal They did the same.

Peña 2018 ("what year" he refused, restricted it saying that it would not detail the difficulties that the Government would have to face) and He welcomed him until 2019 ("I'm sure there will be a better year than that").

In his message, the headteacher thanked him "Stamina, support in severe times, warnings and critics with good milk to improve". He explained in particular "Luciana (his wife), the boys, family, friends, road companions, each of them who joins this place".

And, describing 2018, he said: "I hope that everything we live gives us to grow, stronger and its & # 39; take us twice so hard to work hard to bring this country forward ".

He continued: "I'm sure 2019 years are better, we will move forward and confirm the change route that we started together 3 years ago."

To close with a more personalized desire. "For a surplus: love, health, joy, joy for each of you in this new year."

For this reason, Vidal was for a happy new year for residents of Buenos Aires. "I know that they are not easy to have a few months, but we both fight to come forward and continue to fight for the area we want to defend," said e. He said: "I hope you have a happy new year surrounded by your favorite people and I hope you can accomplish what you are doing."

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