We just before the consensus fell? These are the terms of Alenka Bratušek!


Alenka Bratušek took the lead role in the fight for pensioners' rights. She has been so far as an increase in pensions as opposed to voting for the law in relation to his / her application; budget. If the law falls, there is also a conscientious partnership.

"The last two days, they have received straightforward allegations – I am personally and our party, and this is just because we want to be honored to the consensus agreement. We want will end up the savings in pensions. " We would like, therefore, "

the president based on SAB

Аленка Братушек.

It confirms that there is enough money in the & # 39; budget for 2019 to achieve this requirement:

"We ask if this is really true for this consortium, whether it's just a cause to harm me and my client. I & # 39; think, however, that Mr Erjavec wants to save on electors. "

President of party advice

Roman Jakič

emphasizing, however, that BID is trying to be a constructive partner of the partnership. So, Jakic, we made a decision that we will try to find a pension agreement again before tomorrow's government.

"If the partners do not accept this, voting against ministers against the law of the implementation of their budget, and voting against constituents in the parliament"

they are essential in SAB

Does that mean ending & # 39; partnership? This is not a case for me, Alenka Bratušek responds. We got out for civil servants, we found protection, there is also money for pensioners, it is essential:

"The Minister has made sure that the money is given to pensioners without saving, and that is why there are different signs coming from nowhere, I do not know. The question is just the number of classes, and the sum was agreed. "

Champion LMŠ Marjan Šarec, President SD Dejan Židan, SMC Miro Cerar, president of SAB Alenka Bratušek and princess DeSUS Karl Erjavec | Author: Sasha Despot

Sasha Despot

DeSUS and SAB disagreement over his salary has been talking for several days.

Аленка Братушек

she said she sent emails to campaigns and some of them in the government. Karl Erjavec's statement refuses to be agreed by his minister today

Andrew Burton.

It is anticipated that its consortium will be co-ordination of disagreement before a government session comes.

According to President Bratuškova SAB, meetings with Bertoncelj would be happy to attend if they were invited.

As DeSUS said

Karl Erjavec,

plans to meet Bertone Wednesday. I would like to say what sum of money they can pay for pensioners to pensions, and Bratuskova should coordinate how he will pay it. But according to the Erjavec bids, he fell into the water after Tuesday Brasskova's news conference, where she offered a negotiation proposal for paying the way, in three classes.

Bratuskova also commented on his news conference that he was " A Saturday joint meeting with the Finance Minister agreed that £ 33 million would be paid; longer than paying a year for payment to & # 39; router. Erjavec and Bertoncelj refused second Tuesday.

Karl Erjavec | Author: Anze Petkovšek

Anže Petkovsek

The Prime Minister made a fine on Twitter for a debate on the eyes of his people on Twitter Tuesday Tuesday

Marjan Šarec.

"I had been watching public debates about the fight for all day-to-day pensioners, and I was expecting the individual partners to agree, but it did not; That means with news conferences. " Karl Erjavec would have been right to wait to return from abroad "

he said.

Bratuskova does not comment on today. However, she explained that she was not trying to send a message to Bertone on Tuesday. E, Sarac, Erjavec, deputy heads of DeSUS customers

Francu Jurši,

Installed in a Prime Minister's Chapters

Vojmir Urlep

and, for information, to SMC and SD Presidents

Miru Cerarju


Dejanu Jidanu

she sent an email message that they did their homework in the SAB, tried to solve pension pensions and found a cheaper negotiation recommendation for her & # 39; budget. The partners also want to respond if they are accepting their & # 39; SAB conciliation proposal.

Icon for Andrej Bertoncelj Author: Sasha Despot

Sasha Despot

"We want SAB to talk about what the partnership has agreed and not what it is,"

it again. She said that there would be no misunderstanding if they respect the things that are said in her; partnership. The second one expects to have two classes, with a total of 178 million incarnations.

Following a Sunday communion meeting, the First Minister stated that the government would debate and argue; Law envisages the implementation of their Thursday budget, but the same case remains open, and some partnership partners should agree.

DeSUS shows that the most outstanding salary of the annual allowance is in five levels. Today, Erjavec said they will seek the Finance Minister, who intends to submit a new law on the implementation of his budget before the Thursday government session, for a consortium.

DeSUS's top performer also evaluated that Bratuskova was confident of the president of Japan's Association of Occupiers on Tuesday

Janez Sušnik,

who participated in her news conference and supported the proposal for her / her. pay the way. According to Erjavec's statements, Sarac's statement on Twitter is to confirm what they agree.

President SD Jidan did not want to explain today the different ideas he came to SAB and DeSUS, or did not want to talk about what the partnership was coming on on Saturday . Accordingly, the final decision would have been to pay; Pension for pensioners has been undertaken by the Thursday co-operation before the government's session so that the bill about the implementation of its assets can be obtained. budget in the National Assembly. He acknowledges that there were different ideas about the route, but they think they will be coordinated before Thursday due to

"We all know that there is time to fix some of the offspring offenses".

Mr Cerar said that SMC was a helpful member of the partnership and that it would be so in a retirement pension case.

"The evidence is that the annual allowance of rubbish, he said, is obvious, but the prime minister must talk about this,"

he said. In his words, SMC is appealing to pensions to " spend as much money as possible, in accordance with public finances.

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