"We kept the window and couldn't fly things." A corporate “raid” information in the Appeal Court in Kiev


In Kiev's Appeal Court, the number of pages of criminal matters that has committed the building through a window will be counted. As explained in court, only archive files were found. 39. The social networking blogger Denis Gorokhovsky told people about the event on his page.

“The court explained that the heavy wind was breaking the window in the room where the archive materials are stored. The workers had no opportunity to capture the paper as they tried to stop the window. Naturally, some cases were lost lost, "wrote Gorokhovsky.

At the same time, the blogger emphasized that people are very creative and innovative in the courts in the Ukraine.

It is remembered that tradesmen of pages in criminal cases were sent away from Solomenskaya Square on March 11 in Kiev, when they were storming in Kiev, and had gone from the Kiev Appeal Court.

Photo: facebook.com

Earlier, "Country" wrote that the wicker hit part of the wall from the building in Borispol.

We also reported that 537 settlements had left without electricity after the waves had been in power, with two dead and four wounded.

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