We need 4 business items in January


Pyramids of Egypt: We need 4 deals in January. Source: Al-Akhbar –

Today's sports news today, Ahmed Hassan, the technical adviser for Pyramids, what the team needs new business during the winter movement in January.

"Indeed, fortifications in January, we have identified the candidates," said Hassan on EN Sport FM. "The team must have four players at most."

"The Volpe was a very important step in coach staff. The Volpe became a technical consultant and was not a technical director, but was recruited until the appointment of a technical manager after the coach leave basketball. "

"We have submitted reports, I and Hossam al-Badri and Hadi Khashba, we want a coordination with a coach to understand and maintain the quality of the league, Egypt, it was possible to make a contract with a foreign coach and to suffer and take time to cause. "

"But the couples are winning and they know how to motivate the players, we have a good team, the format is about to develop and the good spirit. "

Hossam Hassan is the third coach of Pyramids from the beginning of the season.

The second pyramid stands up with 22 points from 11 games.

Choose the perfect pyramid form from here.

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