We never have to eradicate the fright of bananas


These are the last programs of a long series. It is currently happening in the Portland area and a health emergency situation has been named. Another is about Brooklyn and spreads in Glen Hudson, north of New York. Another man started in Atlanta. In 2018, seventeen diseases (defined by at least three cases) were recorded in the United States. The situation is even worse in Europe: 41,000 cases were recorded in the first six months of 2018, with at least thirty and # 39; seven deaths.

And just as is the case, it's the problem with those diseases and the huge costs they are going to; putting on communities that grow, as none of these would have happened if more children were vaccinated. Article after article, we are sorry about the problem by explaining the safety of a vaccine; measles and the general defenses. Links "Irrationality", an "Depression of science" and the "Madness" anti-bananas. At the beginning they appear to be reasonable, but in their own way, these proposals are unreasonable because they are in the same way. rejecting evidence of this syntax leaflet, that is, the problem is a n; go beyond purpose and truth.

Priority values

What could be & # 39; Fracture of this circular or at least its inconvenience It is an amazing study – which was too small when it was published in Nature Human Behavior in late 2017 – offering exciting opportunities. It affects the heart of the problem, emotions and psychology on why people who are clear and full of information can take the same truth – here is a child's vaccine – a comment between are available. As there are so many other problems, our statements are not just the benefit of the truth, but we need to deal with how we arrest them.

In the study, Avnika Amin and Saad Omer from Emory University (and their colleagues) identify some of the fundamental reasons behind them:

  1. shouting about vaccines, which they explain how parents are doing; indicate that they have concerns about their children's vaccination program (what 75% of payers want to meet);
  2. All vaccines are refusal, which is less fortunate and is likely to be communities where people share common beliefs (in the United States, the overall level of children's immunization is still high).

To find out the roots of these beliefs and these reasons, Amin and Omer went out more than most of the work in case of childhood vaccines. Their study is based on the theory of moral foundations, the different core codes with which we prove good and bad, and what we do. The shape of what we perceive as good behavior and how the society has worked properly. These are the basic scenes to see the world, the activities of others and the problems of everyday life. They change from one person to another. Some will focus more on the care of others and the harm that should not be done (for example: to worry about how poor the poor and the poor are, immigrant, who discriminates against immigrant cure). Others will focus on justice and honor (to be expressed by corruption of politicians).

Others emphasize their loyalty and are horrified by a brass (such as those conservatives that change climate change, those that oppose the energy nuclear, everyone who attacks deputies). Some will emphasize authority for authority (for example, the name of NFL players who disturbed those who were burned down at the US national time). Others will emphasize purity and cleanliness, and are scared about how to do it; Contamination (for example, people controlling pollution). And some people have to send them; highest priority on individual freedom and are streamlined when it is split (for example, applicants for the right to carry guns, anger moving Occup Street against the citizens who would keep control everything).

We share many of these values, but some have a lot of values. encouraging us more than others. A priority that depends on many aspects of our personality, as well as our age, gender and other fundamental elements – apart from the subject that is in place.

Find suitable arguments

According to Amin and Omer, the theory of moral foundations explains the wonder about vaccines. In one of their tests, they compare three groups of parents: those who do not; (73% of the 1,007 interviewed interviews), those who do a bit (11%) and those who do not have a disability; cared for at all. "Fortunately an excuse" (16%). They see that parents who are expresses a moderate degree of dosage inspired by purity / degradation value as serene parents. And they find out that parents who are extremely difficult about two-hour vaccines are encouraged by purity / degradation and freedom / great values ​​as they are; the smallest smallest group.

Most importantly, none of the parents involved in the middle or strong group are motivated by protection / complaint value. Although this is the moral argument that is being used to raise awareness of the parental responsibility of parents – that their child may not cause another child's child to become ill. Parents who support the vaccines are not motivated by a & # 39; This wind, at least not on this case.

What Amin and Omer research show that the disorders to the vaccines are strongly linked to feelings

Let's just let it. Parents who are willing to have their children & The vaccine often tells that they are scared to put something abroad in their children's bodies, as young and as wild. They also say they do not want to put something that is not natural in their children's body. They are afraid of vaccines "Pensions", The "Puffins" and "Contamination", like thimerosal. Allow simple definition of pure value / moral value. You also hear words among the most difficult parents and those who are willing to defend their children in a formal way. But only they are also getting longer: they say they do not. enjoy the government or medical community telling them what they do, reveal the value of freedom / violence, and they do not trust those centers that promise them the safety of vaccines, which mean they are not inspired by the moral value of respect to the authority (at least not on this case).

The vaccine that prevents vaccines is not at all; stop these moral codes. Generally, you are more concerned about the dangers of adults' children. The dangers of articulate articulate topics are the media or relatives. We are also worried about the dangers that people are experiencing. to natural hazards (some parents are willing to spread their children's clean body to the measles because it is natural).

But what Amin and Omer research have shown that the pleasure of the vaccines is highly linked to feelings. Awareness that shapes the results that we make; doing, which suggests that no more people's intelligence can change. Their study also tells us more about what we ever knew about the real concerns of parents who threatened to. their children back, which are a sign of hope. We have never been able to eliminate the fear of vaccine that has helped us to; coming from the vaccines.

It is true that some of these reasons are deeply redundant, who can only coercive – the obligation for a vaccine as a contract to enter the public school – change things. But not only does the prevention of antibiotics. If we can get a case for a vaccine that is appropriate to the moral values ​​that are in place; Encouraging parents that they are struggling to have their children's vaccination, we will be encouraged to move from being very grateful to accept it. This can reduce the frequency and frequency of these numbers, with a vaccine level closer to group protection. To make a lot of good for the children and the communities involved.

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