We played at … Kingdom Hearts III, and we did not understand everything (but we liked it)


When Final Fantasy magic is mixed with Disney

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In 2002, the first one Hearts Kingdom Reporting on PS2, with its incredible promise of a & # 39; Co-operation of the Final Fantasy and Disney Ceilidh Cruise. It was not completely unnecessary, the RPG's action was to attract the people, until their second album was born, still on PS2. Since then, the saga was extracted from Nintendo DS, 3DS, PSP, GameBoy Advance, not to mention HD 1.5 & 2.5 Remix and HD 2.8 Final Chapter Project (not a & # 39; happening …) on PS4.

In 2019, Tetsuya Nomura has managed his manager (as at the beginning of his / her first work), Kingdom Hearts returns, and the third "true" paper especially new, but still tight to & # 39; speak …

Understand Rabbit …

Yes, because you're not b & # 39; The Final Fantasy / Disney wedding can look like to make the scripture frame simpler … the opposite thing that happened to Kingdom Hearts. In fact, the design is just really complicated, and totally uncertain if you have not played (lately) all previous work … And even in the & # 39; In this case, the elements may be escaped, both creators sometimes think they have destroyed their sink in this script, between hearts, memories, XIII group and other duplications of personalities …

So, Kingdom Hearts III offers a "Souvenirs" video clip in the game, to try to summarize the previous events.

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But (and fortunately), you do not understand (almost) the Kingdom Hearts III story will not stop you from a & # 39; enjoying their game. Indeed, if many of the elements are overcoming you, the game is very enjoyable to go to, continues, and gives him an opportunity to visit different worlds from Disney's accuracy, with Sora, Donald and Goofy. Everything remains in the straight line of PS2 programs. In this regard, the PS2 legacy is well-marked, especially in terms of travel, building the game, or even some camera foods, for example. Some of the "old school" aspects that can be surprised, but are not at all declining.

Let me go, Let it go

Technically, the game, without being a model of its type (due to some of the objections mentioned above), is very enjoyable to the eyes, with DA uncomfortable and some seats ( Toy Story, Rapunzel, Hercules …) of beautiful beauty. Gummi ship levels are still cheap, even if they now offer more interest than at the time. One of the great strengths in Kingdom Hearts III is the deep respect shown for each country you visit. The game will then accept a new interface, the characters are also transformed, and the developers even Push the application to reconstruct whole cartoons.

In fact, cutscenes (and general statement) are good & # 39; ours"But some series live as a lively film. Still better (or not), even some songs, including" Published, delivered", In total (but in English).

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Club Enix Disney Club

On their side, the struggle (in real time) is very lively, and a bit rough (still this trademark PS2), but helped them with a self-transporting system that does not want to take forward & Push a & # 39; "Cross" button without asking too many questions. If the screen has enough information, everything is very easy to read and easy to access. It will struggling to a small repetition, however, and so it will end up with & # 39; Some of them get a bit of somebody.

The best consolates

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Note that the trigger's key pressure can be triggered "super attacks", including "Changes" attacks. On the screen, this is sometimes loaded (well), not to describe the repetition side of the attacks in a question, but we must admit that we are still full of ideas. The best-loved ones will be able to handle the main classes (which can be improved) and spend time to & # 39; surrender their magic skills, equipment and magic, but this side " leveling Is this just as important as in other RPGs. In total, the game is still very unsure, and you need to want to see a screen game …

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Lifestyle, Kingdom Hearts III needs about 30 hours to see the end of the story. The players may take more diligently a few hours to find out about the different mysteries, increase the highest level of Sora, and complete the challenges that are encountered in the game, and including cooking recipes for Remy, Ratatouille cooking Ratan, or Photo to challenge.

In short, a long term will be finalized for the fans (the game was formalized in June 2013), with a very successful overall title, despite a very complex situation and some planning and pace weaknesses.

My opinion on Kingdom Hearts III

If it is not incapable, Kingdom Hearts III offers a chance to take part in a great trip through different Disney worlds. Indeed, the PS2 legacy suggests that the situation is very tough, the statement is sometimes very tough and the game is long, but the play is very enjoyable (not to talk to it the stars), the tourism itself is even very colorful / varied, and finally we enjoy enjoying & dumb at our favorite Disney. The Final Fantasy / At times Disney does not have a device, but the game is still running. The player has always kept thirty-eight good, with a few bonuses in particular. That's not like that year's game like that, but what to live slowly with Sora, Donald, Goofy and every band at Scrooge dingo Disney.

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