We recorded the Christmas song for 30 years


Bratislava, November 22 (TABLET.TV) – we started preparing the Christmas song for years ago, but we did not finish it because we were going to estimate it and we did not record it at the time just before Christmas. Now we have started in the summer and we're very happy to be able to send it to the end. Our first Christmas song for our fans before joining our 30th anniversary of our music. For its GLADIATOR group in the Exclusive for singer singers TABLET.TV, Miko Hladký said.

The line will be named Christmas time and the musicians will appear on December 5. "The Christmas season is great on everything, we enjoy the beautiful Christmas delight, and we're just putting it in the upcoming song. I believe that the fan likes, " the singer said.

The Gladiator Group also lists the 14th studio program announced by the end of the year Next day. As the official release date, musicians select until 24 December. "With the boys from our band, we had a debate about when we spent their time; The first song, the first song, and also when the record comes out. Regarding the Christmas song, I thought we would give a good Christmas gift on 24 December. The boys have accepted it, they've been involved, and it's something so iconic because we have our first Christmas song and so we'll add the album as it would be for Christmas, " Miko Hladký came in.

Next year, the Gladiator group, set up in 1989, celebrates its 30th anniversary of its work on the scene. As Smooth said, they are often remembered at this time, even thanks to the songs that fans want at the concerts. "Sometimes people are trying to find out about the old effects, some of our favorite songs, it is interesting to remember, he gives us ideas in the past It is a good extension on our current,"said the musician, saying, as a singer of a band, he remembers the time the band from the English songs came to the Slòcach songs."Our people ask. The change is the record that I know where the day is asleep. It seems that the record is also a bad time that has not been written for a while and, in fact, it's pretty even today, " Images.

Miko Hladký also remembered the success that he had; join the first decade of the Gladiator on the platform. It's just a & # 39; their music video, and its first slots broadcast on the MTV in America music station. "I remember very well when we were doing it. Looking forward to receiving a video record in America as a & # 39; first country of the country. The door was very open to us. We started playing in large numbers. Differently across Europe. We played in France, Portugal, we also had a French trip. He has made us a huge move and has made us know. At that time, we were very strong feeling, which was important for someone to have enough energy to work longer,"he said in the TABLET.TV studio."Just as we grow and grow up within ourselves, not just in music but also human, growing our music and our fans too. The difficulties and the things that we have mentioned in our music, or the pleasure we put in – our fans have grown up with us. We are pleased to add our feelings in the songs they found in them. Finding people just our music, " Smooth finished.

The Gladiator Group wants to prepare a series of concerts for their fans at the time of their birthday, as well as the memories of old scenes, they want to include songs from the most recent album Next day.

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