We saw a great sport as a sport


Peruničić angry about the Arena: We got a heavy blow as a sport

Relocation of a member of staff's Handbook to Arena presence is very difficult for the selectioner Perunicic Nenad. It does not eliminate the former bombers that the eagles entertained the Croat in the hall where they finally won and won in 2012, but were also extinct. .

In the struggle for the Penalty place they won the Red Star basketball players, who will meet Budućnost in the first two games of the ABA League final on Friday and Sunday.
" I am standing alone. Like a big sport. Like every time, I spoke to the people who were there and we'll try to remove the positive items from everything, " said Nenad Perunicic.

In addition to the loss of a ball with a basketball, the atmosphere is different. In Pinea, the centers have a population of 5,000 people, capable of acoustic support, whilst in the Arena and when there are 10,000 spectators, it looks quite empty. and we don't discuss the environment.

The Serbia football team welcomes Croatia in the third round of European Championships and only won its “game” for second place with Switzerland and Belgium.

(PHOTO: Starsport)

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