We should also punish local people for the benefit of their driving wheel


The campaigners, who have won many awards, have included European Union level, results and tips on how to deal with alcohol drivers and sad stories that are often caused by road accidents alongside alcohol.

There is no driver with a driving wheel. With this "salimo" minds are both young and old, but Sources, by number, do not get much. It's the only way to raise awareness, especially among young people, the active heroes in pajamas.

The pajamas heroes have been the task of several years ago, on the initiative by David Razgorš, from the VOZIM Institute, to well-known Slovak companies and also state institutes. They have linked strengths to lucky drivers, who are also very high among young people.

Pyamamas is on the heroes Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

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Driving on the left is a serious cancer of the paths of Slovenian

Young people often think that nothing can happen to them is unthinkable.

"We just want to warn you about this. I'm sorry when we look after and again on traffic safety data. For these details, there are stories about the Our members and other stories, "

says Razgoršek, who is also a disabled person on a wheelchair due to a road accident.

Alcohol is a big problem among young people

There are enough statistics to show that a four-wheel drive in Slovenia is a young driver, the cause of every fifth accident is a drink. Young drivers only caused young drivers only this year, there were 317 alcohol, and four died.

The significance of its project is to reduce the number of alcohol-related traffic disasters, and to inform young people and parents about being able to; carry their homes before they go to a party. Slovenian are still above the average of Europe with the number of drivers of road accidents involving alcohol and also victims, suffer embarrassed if their parents wait before her; bar to take them home after a party.

Pyamamas is on the heroes Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

The organizers want to tell you that you are not a hero if you have drunk after a party in a car and driving home or going to drink. It is the hero if you grow in midnight and choose the young man after his / her; party and take them home. They say that there are fewer parents, brothers, sisters, uncle, tet, friends, rising in midnight and "in pajamas" coming to young people, outside the night club. They want to say that this is not a shameful activity, but a brave and "cool" action.




Faster driving: How long & # 39; does the pay order go to your home?

Organizers organize the fact that many parents are also the brave, and young people want to go; encouraging alcohol and driving alcohol, or by someone with alcohol, also on the way in which disabled drivers are disrupted; waiting after their car in the car. In this way they also want to deter young people from horrible activities by doing so; disturbed him.

Pyamamas is on the heroes Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

In Japan, they also punish the shop

One of the drivers in one of the seven organizations in which the organizers were hosting the campaign was the president of Toyota Adria, who is part of the project, Kensuki Cuchi, ; tell how a alcohol problem has been settled in Japan. In Japan, anyone protected by the lucky police behind a wheel will be fined between 4,000 and 8,000 euros. He also pays a fine of 4,000 euros to the person with the car with him and knows that the driver is Drinking Driving. A fee of 4,000 euros is also paid by the driver that allows the driver to get a car driver. Fine, however, is the place where a driver of alcohol was moved, and even closing a bar. In Japan, you can also leave unemployed if they get to drink behind their wheel.

Pyamamas is on the heroes Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil



What causes quick speed to turn

Therefore, Seroji furaja campaign organizers in their pyamamas, which focus on the other side, are still in Slovenian. That is, the leisure organizer should organize the systematic transport of people from the entertainments he or she will; organized.

Increasingly more young women build up

The organizers of the activity in this area also work very much with the towns, not just schools. For this reason, they edited and released this "Kit-first-aid" this year called Heroes furaja in pajamas, which will be distributed in towns, with all directions on how to He responds to the problem and how to solve the problem with lucky drivers, that even young people would not even sit behind a driver or a driver driven by a driver of alcohol.

Pyamamas is on the heroes Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

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The Trojan tunnel was converted to the middle of the Trojan and moved on the other side


Maja Roškar

from the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), alcohol is more than a traffic problem than a social problem. She said, only because of the health problems that were made by alcohol use, two people, die daily in Slovenia, drink alcohol with her; wheel and related accidents, three or four die daily in Slovenian. Every day, 10 people will be admitted to the hospital, who is ill in any way as a result of a & # 39; alcohol use. It is difficult to drink more and more young people under the age of 35. This means, at the end of the week, when the parties are lost, many alcohol is lost, as the most terrible is that there are more and more young women on alcohol, so Treat the two species in terms of alcohol.

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