We tell you how Super Smash Bros is. Ultimate, the brilliant bet of Nintendo


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest bet of Nintendo, which will be sold on 7 December, has already registered recordings and some users have the opportunity to provide detailed information about the game.


Screen characters can be sorted through the drop-down table: There are several scales and frames and you can disable the effects of effects, disable the "vibration button" and allow you to "frame according to frame ", even if you do not know what he is saying. These are the frames and shades that have been shown:

Frames: CinemaScope, Film, Art, Parchment, Canvas, blackhead lines, white glossy lines, Flower, Star, Black, white brush stroke, Black 1 to 4 logo, white logo 1 to 4

Flooders: close-up, lively, bright, green, Scarlet, dark, sepia, retro, soft, comic, manga, benefits, two toes (black), two tones, two waves (white)

More information on Tropa Smash and Smash Total was shared:

Strike Squad has three options: it's a continuous battle; in the first choice where the winner will be able to; stay as long as he will be & # 39; win ("After a speed of being KO, the re-flag appears unnecessarily"). The second option is to let it go; winner of the new battleship with the same shipbuilder, and the person who lost the other person needs to be evaluated ("The new warrior started with the next enemy"). Finally, there is the best battle, where the two players need to switch to different motors after each game ("Each pair of campaigners is matched, the winner" ).

Total Smash: It's a battle to a & # 39; The first one ("Fight in each battle, even if there is no chance to come back!"), followed by a battle to win a decision ("Complete Total Smash when you can not get back" ), And finally the last option of the entire battle ("The maximum number of battle that will be played").

Some of the Mii attacks have finally been eliminated: The clothes that have at least Mega Man, Sonic, Monster Hunter, Tekken and Geno are not present.

Snake codes are back, but it looks like the characters that appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which means that no new lines of conversation have been created for the characters that did not appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

All spirits revealed: Your full list is here.


There are 1034 songs at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: researchers have confirmed that there are, in total, 1034 tunes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and we'll be able to listen to even when the Nintendo Switch is in a sustainable manner.

The Wii Wian Channel song in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The legendary song of Sùbh Sùbh Wii is one of the 1034 songs mentioned above, but unfortunately we still do not know how the remix sounds.

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