We will be launching the 40th Cairo Film Festival on the Grand Theater


The Grand Theater at the Opera House will host the 40th International Film Festival (International Films Film Festival) Wednesday, where the producer and perspective , Mohamed Hefzi, the concert schedule from 21-28 November.

On Wednesday, November 21, Sergei Luznista's "Donbass" will be at 12 noon, "Trance" by Valeri Giulino at 3:30 pm, "Unsolved love" at 6:30 pm, "Directed by Franklin Schaffner , at 9pm.

The big Theater, on Thursday 22nd November, shows a 12th film, Mamanga at Denis O & H 39, Hara at 3:30 pm, Rome at 6.30pm, and Blackclanesman at Spike Lee, Afternoon.

On Friday November 23, the film "Manta Ray" with the 12-minute director of Bouteflung Arunfeng, the film "The Gentle Indifference" by Adilkhan Yarzanov, at 3:30 pm, and the film "The External Night" by Ahmed Abdullah at 6:30 pm, And the film "Vision" with director Naomi Kawasi, at nine o'clock in the afternoon.

On Saturday, November 24th, Daria Zuk will have Crystal Crystal at 12pm, "The Tower" at 3:30 pm, and "No One There" at Ahmed Magdi at 6:30 pm. , And the film "Life itself" with the director Dan Fulman, at nine o'clock in the afternoon.

On Sunday, November 25th, the 12-minute Grand Theater "Meet" at "3:00 pm, Kazantzakis", Khalid Al Hajar "The Crime of Imopilia" at 6:30 pm, "One of the Days" at 9pm South Westerly

On Monday November 26, Sofia Sillaghi's "One Day" at the Grand Theater, at 12 noon, "Amen," at Philip 3: 3pm, and "The Raven Geal" by Reeve Vines at 6: 30pm, "At Gate of Eternity" at 9pm.

On Tuesday, November 27, the "The Birds of the Corridor" is 12th, the "The Third Wife" by Ash Mayfair at 3:30 pm, "Special War" at 6:30 pm, and "River" by Emyr Begazin, At 9pm.

The Grand Theater will play on Thursday 28th November, with Miroslav Mandic's "I Perform", at 12 noon, with Alvaro Breckhener at 3:30 pm, and Aika Sergei Dvorshevoy, at 6:30 pm, and film "Alpha, the Right to Kill", director of Bryanti Mendoza at 9pm.

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