We will have a Cancer Treatment within one year


Cure All

The Israeli medicine company says it will have "a complete medicine for cancer" in the next year.

Accelerated Evolution Biotechnology (AEBi) company, and based on submissions on board Dan Aridor, is not the remedy he works to make sounds as soon as possible.

"Our effective cancer cure is one day, it will last for a week, and its cost will not be significantly lower than most other drivers on & # 39; market, "said Aridor The Jerusalem PostSub-"Our solution will be generic and personal."


according to The Jerusalem Post, AEBi cancer treatment is called MuTaTo, which means "multi-target toxin." It will be Attacking cancer cells with several peptides – companies that include amino acid chains – at the same time, and this complex attack is important for the effectiveness of the medicine, a company says.

"We have made sure that pigs do not affect the cure; cancer cells can move in a manner that is targeted by targeted receptors," said AEBI Chief Executive, Ilan Morad a & # 39; PostThe "Multiple variables that change all targeted receptors seem to be significantly reduced by the number of targets used."

"Instead of attacking one buyers at one time, we will attack three tenants at one time," he continued. "Even the cancer is not to measure three arresters at the same time."

State of Courage

Morad says in her; Post AEBi has used its cancer cure to obstruct the growth of cancer cells in the mice without affecting the healthy cells of all the animals. The company has also completed a number of in-vitro tests and they will be able to complete it. Soon begin clinical trials, according to Morad. These could have gone up within a few years, the CEO of the AEBi said, and after that the cure could be available in certain cases.

There are many claims, but the Post an article does not refer to any research that has been reviewed by coordinates; they could be brought back.

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