We will publish the recommendations of the "Al-Azhar Girls Medicine" endocrine conference


Dr. Hana Taha, Head of Non-Counsel Division at Al-Azhar Classes Medicine College, a thyroid disease workshop EThe twentieth anniversary of the College, which began today and lasts two days, was held at a hall; Al Azz Hospital conferenceEDepartmental staff participated in the conference's scientific sessionsSouth Westerly

It was said that the partnership was effective and dealt with many of the problems that suffered patients. He was debated by a deputy doctoral dissertation, entitled "The connection between adiponectin and the insulin struggle in the Egyptian patient before the kidney rehabilitation begins." Dr. Mervat El-ShahatSouth Westerly

Dr. confirmed Alvette Fawzi, a non-finish professor at Al-Azhar Classes College, said his first session was about obesity, explain that the best diet is healthy EAnd the integrated system in which all nutrients are measured according to the needs of the person and its degree and the nature of its work, as well as the need for clinical and continuous laboratory and to # 39 keep itEThese systemsSouth Westerly

Fucus is offered, tumors that may be & # 39; happening in the previous part of the weather and the symptomsHere And how to make a diagnosis and the latest medicines suitable for each team, and when they deal with drugs EThe best choice and when it is EAnd the second option and other option in cases where there are no jobs ESuch consoles, as well as the appropriate mode for not having a & # 39; treatment of medicine or for lack of access ECure, and surgery EThe best medicine for the nature and size of the tumor and its proximity to bilateral locationsSouth Westerly

Dr. Anas Hassan Ahmed, endocrine and metabolic tuition about cure cure, and so on EAnd now available EIn an experimentation process, food in a healthy diet

There was still sporting use EAnd its cornerstone in & # 39; obstructing obesity and cureEIt should be stressful that the remedy should be taken carelessly after a & # 39; generally assessing the patient's conditionEEvery cure isEEffects should be adversely affectedEAnd that cure should not last more than a year in all situations and the best solution to overcome the obesity problem in adults EAnd to stop obesity in youthSouth Westerly

DrEDr. Fattouh, Director of Surgery Surgery, was an objectionable obesity solution, with a number of problems with the patient's recovery and respiratory speedETo use their natural life as soon as possible, and progressEIn a patient surgery, it is possible to achieve these methods EThese surgeries are in a poor clean environmentSouth Westerly

Dr. Du asked her Said Mohammed, a non-final professor, for the study And metabolism, the need to deal with medicine companies to do Features Special remediesEThese patients are in the form of drinks in which there is a plagueEDifferent materials and vitamins in a tough and flexible flavor to helpERevival and achievement EThis levelSouth Westerly

Dr EThe effects of obesity on the occurrence and levels of disease development, response to the treatment and the need for a variety of diseases; chest with the other conditions and risks associated with obesity, stipulates that the verification procedures can differ in different ways when dealing with these issues, And To deal with obesity issues as well as the results of breathing and efficiency tests The lungs It can be explainedSouth Westerly

She noted Dr Zainab Abdel Basset Hassan, Professor Endocrine And metabolism, in a variety of sleep problems, whether the number of sleeping hours or lack of sleeping or sleeping hours Times Sleep as a systolic systemET and negatives Night at night For special social groups such as security staff and health workers, highlighting the need to & following the body's biological clockSouth Westerly

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