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Amr Moussa: We are trying to encourage many of the Egyptians. We are grateful to the Board of Directors on the site of the day, Monday, November 19, 2018.

Amr Moussa, leader of the Egyptian football team, stressed the team's players to do their best in the future in an effort to do so; Encouraging green hostel enthusiasts.

He said the technical staff were led by Dr. Mimi Abdel Razeq and Captain Mustafa Younis have made a great deal of effort with the players who have full potential to return to the impact of the games in the next games.

Amr Moussa stressed that Sianar Leaders of the Egyptian Samir Halabia team did not make any effort to meet the needs of the team, and thanked the Board of Directors to meet the demand from the players in the next February. in three stages; starting in November.

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