We will take all legal steps to attack the current renegotiation campaign, Nicholson says


Freedom and Reduction (SaS) will take every step that can be done to clear the name of its claim. "The campaign is spreading to my person, the circulated document was created since I was living in Canada and eliminating prostitution and co-operation issues, Similarly, and made a criminal complaint in this regard, and sent to the Canadian party, Ďuriš Nicholsonová said.

According to her, she recognizes that such issues can be obtained at a variety of associate offers, but it was surprising that the members of the SR National Council are responsible. "I would never have this foolish person coming to the floor of the Parliament, and I know that many of my colleagues in the hall that sit on social networks, but Mr. Marček has sent his name and I'm taking the appropriate steps " she added. Ďuriš Nicholson already thinks about Canada's police, which is a clear idea to talk about fictional documents.

Canada's Canadian police said in a statement given by the SaS that it is not proof or proof; confirm the investigation from people if they are not on the complaint. However, there is a suspicion that the document was broken by using the old police form. "Our quick review of things that recommends that the document is fake," says the Canadian police. For Durish Nicolson, chairman of SaS Richard Sulik also said that the party would take all steps to clear its name. "We will do what we are able to clear our good name and we will protect those strategies." said Sulik.

A political party A QUALITY – a civil democracy also supported the Member. "The allegations against Lucy Duris Nicholson are obviously being made. In the SPOLE we are influencing our own skin – when there are no scandals In fact, there are at least those who spread pages grudnes.sk, glob.sk, Marček and Facebook groups and pages, which have long been attacked by figures challenging such as the Circus Matovičov and others, " is reported in a party statement. Today, according to OTHERS, we have seen some of the media that have not been hampered and have made mental health from Ms. Marcek's mouth. "Democratic challengers need the level to compete in the case of wrong reports and get together for the truth and against the spread of wrong reports" the challenging party says.

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