We will tell you how you find the clown stalls in Fortnite


If you do not know where to get the clown for the challenge for this week's challenge, we tell you where you can see

Rafael Maldonado

By coming week 9 de Fortunately, the game gave us a series of new challenges as part of the challenges needed to get the skin of the season, this week we have found something special: we find some points in different A carnival clown is standing.

But if you do not know what this challenge or how to make a solution, do not worry, let's know what you do. This challenge includes a new introduction a small game, where we need to destroy it ballads they will leave the board, when you get 10 points, you need to find another add.

Here you will find the meat stalls

Make sure you visit different appointments, since you do not play more than once in the same setting to & # 39; Count to the challenge, even if you collect more than 10 points each time, so you have to go out for a rest of the places to meet the challenge. If you do not know where they are appointments we'll leave you a map with the place.

These are the roles you should look

Once you've visited several A carnival clown is standing the challenge will be completed, we recommend you try to make this challenge as a team, so that someone will take care of your back while you are in a position; destroyed balladsAlso, with only four points on the map, you need to be quick to prevent the storm from behind.

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