Weaknesses in the sales sector are to prevent Falabella from being able to; get back on stock stock


Market agents also argue that there is also a lack of certainty about a & # 39; get strong e-commerce.

At the end of July, the Falabella departments sold nearly $ 6,000. However, after announcing the purchase of Linio and the capital increase made by its company to fund this and other deposits, the stock was sank, and after which it failed.

Even after setting up sections within the capital increase framework, on October 19, price is not & # 39; paper is still rebuilt.

At the end of Friday, at $ 5,215.8, the title is a 1.35% loss collection of the place in which; stock market. Since the day before the work was cited, the fall will fall to 12.05%.

The purchase of Linio and a partnership with Google to enter the electronic pay industry makes good decisions, according to local market representatives, because they do not. strengthen the situation of its company against the promotion of trade. Why, then, did the campaign not revive?

From the market they indicate poor adverse performance in the sector. "The overall shop business has shown poor performance in Chile as a result of the spending and employment figures, which are not clear that they will be revitalized in 2019," a & # 39; explains María Luz Muñoz, strategist Nevasa market, saying that this has influenced the results of both Falabella and Cencosud. According to Rene Le Fort, an MBI Breast Inspector, the country's economic environment has not helped the companies well. "It was not well done and affected all that," he says, saying "Amazon's current danger" is a "#; affecting the whole region. "

That particular point creates some of the still reservations, sayers say. Although Falabella has been working actively for international e-commerce records, there are still questions about how a sales device will change when Amazon comes, and what does it mean for output to & # 39; company. For Muñoz, as well as seasonal reports of expectation, there are several sources at risk in the distance of Falabella. In addition to the uncertainty associated with a railroad, there are short-term risks in integrating Line and then when Ikea comes. "

The rest

Last week the subordinate term of the company's preferred capital increase option, which ended with the completion of the weekend, ended. Providing 12.3 million shares by the rulers.

Including 62.1 million papers have been placed in the stock exchange auction and 84.3 million shareholders were accepted, the remainder will be sent to; add 9.9 million sections. Although it is expected from the market that this amount may have a little pressure on its price, and # 39; Thinking that it could mean an increase in Falabella supply when they go on, operators say it will not have a bigger impact.

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