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Strong current and storms will still be surrounding the area meal; and it affects Friday (29-03-2019) Cyclades (especially in the south) in the morning hours. t Crete and the Dodecanesewhich will be weakened later in the evening.

Gradual increase it is thought that winds may show at it Iona Friday afternoon at Aegean a strong gale is strong until Saturday afternoon (30-03-2019).

The video below shows the exercise particularly cold gas masses from People (28/3) t and h control of a wind storm to the north onwards until Sunday (31/3) t.

At the same time the flow is limited and will be situated on the east side of the mainland and usually in Crete.

The weather today

On Friday, March 29, 2019, the Southern Cyclades of the Dodecanese and especially in Crete, have a strong presence of strong storms and storms, a locally rare phenomena, with a high wind up with t 10 gardens on the east mainland and the Aegean.

A pleasant snowfall will appear in the mountains of Crete.

In the rest of the country there is a slight cloud of clouds closer in the continents east and south where there is little local water in flat and snow on the hillsides.

Low temperature

According to, temperature varies in West Macedonia from -2 to 14 degrees.
In the provinces that remain in Scotland from 2 to 16.
In Epirus from 7 to 17 degrees.
On the middle continents from 5 to 15.
To the west and south of 8 to 16 degrees.
In the rest of the continent, from 6 to 13 degrees.
In the Ionian islands between 8 and 16 on the North Aegean Islands and Crete from 7 to 14 degrees.
The Dodecanese reaches 16 to 17 degrees Celsius.

Up to 10 beauty in the sea

The winds in the Aegean Ocean and the east coast coast blow north-east to north-east, almost to wind-winds, 7 to 8 fortunes, and in many winds. the battle 9 to 10 fields.
In the Ionians, the winds blow up the north-east spring with rivalry between 6 and 7 years of age, and locally 8 to 9 the broom, with gradual weakening. noon.

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Watch the weather, using WINDY using the prediction models GFS, ECMWF, and NEMS

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See the table of temperature from the HMI

Weather forecast precisely with the National Meteorological Service for today Friday 29 March


Weather: clouds rose rapidly until evening.
Wind: North-East North 7 to 8 Beaufort.
Temperature: from 07 to 13 degrees Celsius.


Weather: a few clouds at midday.
Wetlands: from 3 to 5 East and Thermaikos locally 6 Beaufort. On the night they turn right south-east.
Temperature: from 05 to 16 degrees Celsius.

Macedonia, Thrace

Weather: a few clouds in the evening, rising at noon. Local frost in morning and afternoon.
Wind: north-east 5 to 7 and 8 attractive areas east.
Temperature: from 02 to 17 degrees Celsius. In Western Macedonia 2 to 3 lower levels.

Ionian Islands, Epirus, Sterea of ​​the west, Peloponnese to the west

Weather: in the north sunny. In the other areas, the clouds rose in the morning. After midday day in the middle and gradually up to a night in the south it is softer.
Gaosts: from east to 7 and local to midday 8 no. On the night in north-west 6 to 7 townships
Temperature: from 08 to 16 degrees Celsius. In Epirus in places 3 to 4 lower levels.

Thessaly, east Sterea, Evia, Peloponnese east

Weather: clouds usually rise in central and southern areas where mountainous waters rise to the middle of the day.
Wind: northeast northeast 6 to 8 and 9 in the local area to the south and south.
Temperature: from 04 to 14 degrees Celsius.

Cyclades, Crete

Weather: cloudy with rain showers and sporadic storms. In the Cyclades, the phenomena will gradually stop from an evening.
Wind: north to north in the north 7 to 9 o'clock.
Temperature: from 09 to 14 degrees Celsius.

Eastern Aegean Islands, Dodecanese

Weather: to the north the clouds are elevated for a time. In the southern clouds with waters and the Dodecanese storms in strong places.
Wind: in the north-east 7 to 9 and in a north-east northeast 6 to 8 live.
Temperature: from 12 to 16 degrees Celsius. On the north 3 to 4 levels lower.

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See NMS maps of the gallery



Weather for Sunday

e Saturday (30/03) in the west, a few clouds had gone up. In the remaining regions, the clouds are elevated for a short period with local waters in the south, and the Dodecanese storms run until midday. Automatic snow takes place in Creta mountain areas and on the Friday for the mainland in the mainland.
The wind from the north, to the west 4 to 6 temporary, is temporary and east to 6 to 8 and to the beautiful local village of Aegean.
The temperature changes at a low level for the season, with a slight increase on Saturdays mainly in the west.

Continue Sunday (31/03) increasing east and east clouds temporarily, with local waters generally in the snow to the south and temporary in the mountains of Crete. In the remaining places almost moveable clouds.
The wind from the northern heights is 4 to 6 and in the Ages 7, probably getting temporary for 8 acres.
The temperature is slightly rising.

They are modeling weather models – more cold weather in early April

Rare views for 4-7 April appear in their analyzes about colder weather forecasting models today.

The weather in the first ten days of April is unlikely to be very different, due to the winter maintenance in northern Europe and cold air masses will continue to search for a route. to the south.

Have a look at the weather and the latest temperature in's cold gas masses.

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