Weather: Gordon sent an orange warning due to another intensive water program


On Thursday and Friday night, a new program in the Continent of Amphitheater will be based. Water is expected from the second part of the night between Thursdays and Fridays, they will be strengthened and expanded. locally supported and storms on the Gard and especially the coastline. An orange warning is inspired by Météo France.

These waters arrive east of Languedoc, Cevennes and Ardèche on a Friday morning and are more marked at the relief. Most of the drowned storms could be with them.

Light Cloud

The weather will continue to & # 39; go down as the hours go past. In the evenings and early at night, there are strong accidents. There is also heavy rain, but there is a danger of a bridegroom and bridal wind.

From 80 to 120mm of water

On the whole program, gradual water can be reached over the most open spaces in the areas between 80 and 100 mm, 120 mm locally. Most of the water needs to happen on Cévennes Gardoises and Ardèche, as they may be more sustainable. The numbers should be bigger.

End of warnings late Friday

The orange warning is based on Sundays 11h to 22h. Saturday, the weather is calm and sunny. But Sunday, the weather should go back to the west during the day when there was a safe water south on the Massif South of Glen Rhone.

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