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U.S. West Texas Intermediate and the international equality of Brent oil income decreased lower than last week, but the US market has become more widespread. Although the cuts are charged by OPEC to & # 39; keeping up with prices because they are capable of converting the rest of the world's provision, the change in the focus of the traders is to make things clearly more likely to affect them.

The week, WTI's oil crude income was settled at $ 52.72, down $ 2.54 no -4.60% and Grass Brent's raw oil finished at $ 62.10 or -0.65 or -1.05%.

Crude oil prices rose at the beginning of last week's trade, which hit the highest marks from November 21. A & # 39; Supporting early prices per week Venezuela's sanctions had been on Venezuela which helped to maintain an investment focus on harder and rigorous provision. The prices also supported from the news that oil supply from OPEC in January fell to the highest in two years, according to the Reuters survey.

Prices began to spread and remained weaker during the week after the European Commission reduced the economy for the Euro Euro and renewables over the US trade. -China.

Late in the week, raw oil from Brent built up reports that the US would not allow freedoms to the countries allowed to buy low raw oil.

Information Management Week U.S. Weekly Reports

Identify the Energy Information Administration (EIA) that US poor stocks have risen less than expected this week, ending on 1 February, length & # 39; gasoline stocks were up and running; dropping distilleries.

Raw lists rose with 1.3 million barrels compared to the expectations of auditors for an increase of 2.2 million barrels. 513,000 barrels on gasoline stocks, compared to the eyes of analysis for the benefit of 1.6 million barrels. 2.3 million barrels fell on herring stocks, compared to the expected to drop 1.8 million barrels, showing EIA data.


This week, we look at its & # 39; Most of the lower trade deals with a crude oil market that have helped with OPEC led production cuts and US sanctions against Venezuelan oil exports. It will be to take a & # 39; The market wants concern about global economic growth and concerns about China-related relationships. The negative value of prices may also have an indirect effect when stock market access starts especially for the reduction. Another factor who stressed oil prices today is a strong dollar.

This week's wildcard will affect facts that the United States does not cover the exemptions of oil exemptions in Iran. According to reports, the US Specialist for Iran, Brian Hook, says Washington has no plans to expand grants when the release comes out in May. "Iranian oil buyers should not expect to pay money into the US sanctions in May", replacing the state Department's high office.

This news is particularly helpful for Brent raw material as this means there is a further reduction in raw oil supplies. This will help to expand the split between Brent and WTI crude oil.

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