Weather: The eggs open again – we need screens


Faster weather on Wednesday with the NMS to talk about waters and there may be strong dissolved storms in the eastern Macedonia, Thrace and the eastern island. Snowflakes on wild continental regions and mountain ranges in western Macedonia. The western and north-east continental periodic effects will decline and afternoon hours are limited to the eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese. At night in the Ionian Sea, he will again show waters and hard storms.

Winds to the west from the west direction of 4 to 6, turning from night to 5 to 7 in the south. On the southeast side south east 4 to 6 and to Aegean 7 locally 8 gradually turn to southwest 5 to 7 Beaufort.


Weather: clouds are temporarily raised by water waters until noon. Hard weather storms in the early hours of the morning.
Wind Direction: NNW: from direction 4 to 6 and west west 3 to 5 beaufort.
Temperature (: from 09 to 15 degrees Celsius.


Weather: Rain with rain and early morning storm.
Wind Direction: NNW: from directions south 3 to 4 beaufort.
Temperature (: from 08 to 12 degrees Celsius.

Macedonia, Thrace

WeatherTemperature (° C) Centrally, inside Macedonia and Eastern Tracia, spiritual storms tend to be strong locally within Macedonia and Thrace. Snow in the areas of fossil and mountain range in western Macedonia. Modification of the philosophy immediately in the evening.
Wind Direction: NNW: from south directions between 3 and 5 and in the east, temporarily to 6 behaviors.
Temperature (: from 06 to 13 degrees Celsius. In Macedonia, from 6 to 8, a lower degree.

Ionian Islands, Epirus, West Sterea, Western Peloponnese

Weather: clouds with local waters and stormy storms. The philosophy will quickly go away but reinforce it in the evenings. Snow in the continental mountains.
Wind Direction: NNW: north west side 3 to 5 beaufort. From the evening they turn south to southwest 4 to 6.
Temperature (: from 07 to 15 degrees Celsius. In Epirus in places 5 to 7 a lower degree.

Thessaly, East Sterea, Evia, Peloponnese to the east

Weather: clouds with local waters and occasional storms. Snowfall will be celebrated in the mountains.
Wind Direction: NNW: right 4 to 6 and gradually from the directions from the 3 to 5 and to the local level 6 to the south.
Temperature (: from 06 to 15 degrees Celsius. On the north side 3 to 5, a lower degree.

Cyclades, Crete

Weather: the clouds with local waters and especially in the stunning storms of the morning.
Wind Direction: NNW: south 6 to 7 and gradually southwest 5 to 6 beaufort.
Temperature (: from 10 to 17 degrees Celsius.

Eastern Isles Aegean, Dodecanese

Weather: glass clouds and storms, and maybe strong locally.
Wind Direction: NNW: south east 7 to 8 and south afternoon southwest south to 7 bay.
Temperature (: from 08 to 17 degrees Celsius. On the north side, the highest level 3 to 4 is lower.

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