The main candidate for the European People's Party said he had visited Hungary in his news magazine ZDF Heute Journal.

There's a 39; Measurement- in conversation with Weber, the European People's Party ran “out of patience” against Orbán and Fidess after the Soros-Juncker poster campaign. (In this regard, it is the Hungarian province that the poster campaign was over, the posters were removed.) T

Weber alerted the German people, 13 asking for Fidesz to be held out. He said fundamental rights, such as academic and academic freedom, are not dependent on bargains, so they must adhere to principle, and Viktor Orbán will put a central case in this case if he doesn't want to be found outside of a party. T People of Europe.

You need to make it clear that you are changing your behavior over the long term and asking for forgiveness.

In his opinion, the Party is not the number of carts for primary schools, but the “bottom line of our values” is “to be fully defended from Orbit”.

At the Weber interview we talk about Brexit, Orbán is about 3 minutes 30 minutes, and click here for a German video.

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