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▲ I want to find out what can eat in the minds of web browsers up? (Figure / Good Zhi / Skimmer)

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On the internet, eating rooms and eating diarrhea, the spirit can increase, increase the desire of sex, and drink wine overnight. In order to confirm the belief of the statement, TENGA Japan's adult adult brand brand investigated men and Japanese women to understand the public's and their food; Thinking to increase sexual desire, and interview with his / her; Maker Matsuda Maki, who even said that food does not significantly contribute to the desire of sex, but a master The three main things of "inspiring the spirit", "antioxidant (anti-aging)" and "can be a "blood-shaped development" a & # 39; make up the sex feeding up!

To consider whether food can have a positive impact on sexual orientation, TENGA interviewed 200 men and a Japanese woman and voted for food and drinks that would add to sexual orientation. According to the statistics, the Japanese think that it is the food that promotes the sexual desire of 1st, "food that makes the body lively" (65%), and second and third their food and spicy food. In addition, in the promotion of genuine desire drinks, the champion won the competition (44%).

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Nutritionist Matsuda Shinji believes that there is no food or ingredient that can directly increase sexual desire, but it is certain that many foods are helpful in doing so; sexual activity development and increasing aspirations. "Among them, it can raise" spirit "The antioxidant (anti-aging)" and "n" nutrients improves the spread of blood "the most important effects on sexual activity and libido. She also said that many problems constitute a sexual orientation, such as too much weight, metabolism reduction, and distribution Poor blood. Therefore, it is also helpful to improve the body's body by including related nutrition.

According to the three main points that Matsuda Shinji's nutrition suggests, and his / her; Proposed nutrition and recommended devices:

Main 1: Increasing nutrition

● Tryptophan

Tryptophan is the main element of the body's representation of serotonin, and "serotonin" is a brain neurotransmitter, mostly associated with mood management.

Suggested advances: fish

● Theobromine

It is a nutrition that can cause tebromine to reduce tension. In addition, the effects of caffeine at theobromine, such as rapid heartbeat and vasodilation. So, it is also called "aphrodisiac for love".

Suggested advances: chocolate

● acidic acid

When the acidic acid is erased, some can change to "etracholamine acidic acid". This is a "happy hormone" that is called this. emotional feeling, full of joy and vitality.

Suggested asses: meat-meat

The Food Food Top3 web site was named. (Figure / supplied by TENGA)
▲ Beef is arachidonic acid, which can be changed to "happy hormone". (TENGA figure / offer, the same below)

Main 2: Food with antioxidant effects

● Polyphenols cocoa

Polyphenols cocoa are familiar with antioxidant nutrition that prevents its & skin that is caused by "reactive oxygen" and help to & # 39; develop beauty.

Suggested advances: chocolate

● Astaxanthin, vitimal D

Astaxanthin antioxidant activity is equivalent to five times of beta-carotene, 1,000 times of vitamin E, and 6,000 times; of vitamin C. It is often used as a part in medicines and lunch. In addition, vitamin D helps to grow hormones to help with a & # 39; fight.

Suggested advances: squid

● Vitam E

Vitamin E is a salmon and is one of the most important antioxidants.

Suggested products: olive oil

The Food Food Top3 web site was named. (Figure / supplied by TENGA)
▲ Olive oil is on antioxidants – vitamin E.

Main 3: Nutritions that develop blood circulation


Allicin can stimulate the body's body temperature and circulate the circulation of blood, even though it is given in small amounts, it can effectively develop meababolism.

Suggested asses: garlic

● Capsaicin, sophisticated

The offer is the same as allicin.

Suggested fruits: pepper, ginger

The Food Food Top3 web site was named. (Figure / supplied by TENGA)

▲ Chili can increase blood circulation.

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