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According to foreign media statements, soldiers saw the final phase of galaxy merger. With their thickness and dust, they saw a pair of tall black holes; get closer and closer, and grow rapidly after the crash.from

In the middle of most, if not all, galaxies, there are black high holes in which millions have millions of trips at a & # 39; sun. For example, the Sagittarius A * in the middle of the Beautiful Way is a very clear and intense source of wavelengths, which seems to be the nearest black hole, about 4.5 million times; in the size of the sun.

In NGC 6240 disease, you can see that there are two galaxies smaller than the final stages of the union. The black holes are at the heart of both small diseases that rapidly grow, and including the gas and the dust that caters the galaxies.

Some of the windows are a galaxy that affects the final stages of the union. At the top is NGC 6240 disease. The left image is taken by a wide range camera of the 3-generation Telescope Hubble Space. The image on the right is & # 39; shows the galactic impairment designed by the Keck Theater with infrared rays. The images of the four galaxies below are translated with the Pan-Star program. Sky Telescope "Panoramic Sky and Quick Response System" and the Keck Theater.

Previous surveys have found that the unification of galaxies can increase the growth of tall black holes. The researchers suggest that black holes in the middle of the disease can stop the & # 39; come together to create black holes.

Galaxies are likely to provide a sufficient opportunity for tall black holes for throwing stars and giving materials. This disaster produces a lot of radiation and may be the path behind the harbor. Quarran is one of the most obvious things in the global. However, authors of this new paper state that the evidence that is written; Supporting the growth of a galaxy-resistant galaxy-resistant model model is very difficult. Although some studies have shown links between links and associated galleries, other studies have not been able to access such societies.

It is one possible explanation for the lack of equality that is similar to related diseases and galleries that it seems that gas and dust around these galaxies are black holes. Even in the early stages of the union, this is a & # 39; when the galaxies distance is over 16,000 years old. The audit authors will appear that computing symbols show that the level of this occlusion is highest in the & # 39; The final phase of the galactic union, where the distance between the galactic windows is less than 10,000 years old.

Now, researchers have looked at a number of pairs of galaxies in the longest part of the unions, and their center's holes always have a tall holes near them. These findings give an indication of how deeper higher black holes are created.

The researchers first received a 10-year X-ray data from the Neil Gehrels Swift Theater to scan information about black black holes. When black holes produce materials, high-tech X-rays from these "active" black holes can be kept even though they are hampered by thick gauze and dust.

The next thing, the researchers showed the galaxies that responded to the X-ray information by data combustion from Space Hubble and the Keck Theater (Hawaii, SA). His first author told her & # 39; newspaper, Michael Koss, that the Keck Theater could make the star image more acute with an informal mirror with a technical device called adaptive optics. "There is a huge increase in a solution."

Coase is an astrophysist at Eureka Scientific Technologies in Oakland, California. He said: "This is the same as the 20/200 vision (equivalent to the name we lose visual vision 0.1), that is, a legitimate sense of law, 20/20 vision (visual power 1.0), so we can see Unbelievable details. "

In total, researchers analyzed 96 galaxies data surveyed by Observator Keck and 385 galaxies watched by Hubble telescope. The average speed between these galaxies and the Earth is 330 million light years, largely close to the cosmetic scale, and many galaxies are similar to the Seafarer.

The researchers found that there is a pair of black holes in the middle, more than 17% of these galaxies; show that they are in the final stages of galaxies merger. These conclusions are consistent with the researchers' symbols, which show that the active black holes hidden in rich and rich galleries Give reasons associated with many tall black holes.

"The association of galaxies may be an important way to grow black holes," said Coase. The Silenchich we are currently involved in connecting to the nearby Andromeda Galaxy, and eventually the black holes are at the heart of the last two diseases and # 39; hit and join together. Now, there are millions of years of light between the two glands, but we (the Milky Corrugation) move to Andromeda disease at a 400,000 kilometer speed, "said Coase." In the 6 billion years, the Fairy or the Fairy The galaxy is now in decline, a & # 39; just leaves a larger galaxy. "

For hidden galaxies behind gas and dust, the clearer ideas may come from Spanish Webster James Webb NASA. The proposed subsidiary growth telescope is scheduled to be launched in 2021. A terrestrial terrestrial regeneration telegop, such as the Teileacopop Ten Militar, the European Major Teileascop (E-ELT) and Big Magallan Telescope is also available to us through active optical systems. Give a more detailed picture of the disease. Researchers say that Space Web Site James Webb should also measure the quality, growth rate and other physical features of higher black earnings that are closer to us.

The results of the inspection were published in magazine 7 of November's Nature.

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