Wednesday, Haufor Clasaig 4 in the fifteenth day is the basic game of Turfomania


Five competitors today compete in a & # 39; Phrix De La Camargue, a fifteenth day support event, over a distance of 2700 meters in Paris Vincennes.

Light Heavy Extreme, number 4 this afternoon afternoon in Paris, Vincennes is our base without being lost.

Base of the Turfomania game in the quarter of Wednesday in Paris Vincennes

Classics Haufor (4): Christian Bigeon Training, this Jag de Bellouet son is gradually embedded, It is necessary for two re-induction races after a year when he has not run much after his good winter win, a meeting with two successes here ended. Recently on the short-distance offense & # 39; If he can not be sent, it will be a bit; This class's favorite class, once again without lunch, would be much more serious, and, including their impact. Very good enough!

General statistics of Classical Haufor

  • Run races: 30
  • Winners: 6
  • Sent: 15
  • Successful success rate: 20%
  • Reasonable level laid down: 50%

Classic Haufor statistics on the way we are interested

  • Run races: 5
  • Victory: 1
  • Sent: 4
  • Successful success rate: 20%
  • Reasonable level: 80%

Classical Haufor Statistics with BIGEON CH. J.

Classic Haufor is associated with BIGEON CH. J. with a level of success in the main 3% of 44% (4 on 9 runs)

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