Week in the stars


Things will be turned into the past, and the crimes will be clear, and we need to analyze it so that we do not add them again. The time of the soldier gives us winter temperatures. We can connect with abnormal experiences and remember what we were doing once and we can reconstruct it again. It can also help us to imaginative thinking and imaginative world. That's why the hunter is a wonderful, extremely powerful, and the people born contain a summary of his features and they almost do not know what they are. think something is possible. Everyone who attends this soldier's nature in this spectacular time, we will meet with new energy.
At the end of the week, Venus again opposes Uranus, which will prevent money or projects to the surface, as Merkur is back. This will be shown in the family life. In fact, this does not belong to people who are in a position; responding to all the challenges, as this section will give you a clear insight into the changes that you need to do in the financial sector.
By falling moon and re-attending Merkur helps us to achieve the aims that we have; where you've spent energy from September. There is a positive week for us, where the rest should be put before work, because you will not get the right information in just a few months of time and you'll be able to easily locate the site.
In the sky, important plans will meet in this connection this week. These sides are called kazimi, which means that their & # 39; planet blurred with dual power, which gives us very important information. A strong emphasis on mind, on Monday will be stressed; Sun and Jew, it is said to kazimi, which is a great deal of expansion and support. In this regard, the week will be fulfilled. I will again give warning that new measures are not provided, long & as they re-enter again, it's not a & # 39; signing new contracts, but things are unresolved. As Venus is just, it's time for the new jobs to embed relationships and deeper engagement.
On Tuesday, it will be an important day, as there are two sides of the side, the Sun and the Merkur and Jupiter retro. By generating energy you can talk about important things, say what you did not do so far. The day offers support, so you can offer the opportunities.
Enjoy beautiful days, wellbeing and wellbeing. Not only is the last break of moon on a vigorous Friday, in the emotional area you woke up again, you work differently than usual, so take a step on in personal life.

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