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Late-screen short-term exhibition of Taiwan's weekly newspaper selection

(Kayou News / Network)

(Kayou News / Network)

With the nine-one choice that gets closer and closer, the atmosphere that is more and less; waiting for a Taiwan stock market to become stronger and stronger. Last week, the sum was withdrawn and returned, and # 39; ending at 9790.09 points, and dropped slightly with 32.92 points in one week. This election comes into the final final battle. The legal person has a & # 39; believe the market idea is biased to the side, the move is not enough, and the international market variations are still there. South Westerly

The main factors affecting recent trends in Taiwan are the third quarterly report, fourth quarter appearance and the move of US stocks. In the third quarter, registered company net profits increased by 11.9% and an annual growth of 0.04%, which was lower than expected. B & # 39; The main reason was that business and external business industry outside the electricity industry was not expected to achieve. At this time, the hydro-electric industry has been reducing the view again for its & # 39; fourth quarter, which is largely flat or slightly lower than the fourth quarter.

Lian Zhehong, Taiwan Science and Technology Resources Manager, Allianz, as well as continuing to & # 39; hearing financial reports, scenarios, US-China trade issues, and long-term changes in US stocks, the local stocks are just around the corner, and the opposite uncertainty of the poll is also blocked Taiwan stock. Performance, it is expected that the short-term consolidation pattern will be around 9800 points.

With regards to viewers, Liao Zhehong believes that the short-term increase in Taiwan stock is about 9700 points, so that you can pay more attention. In terms of teams, including the change in the sales of cupons sales, whether the market number is back, and foreign investment management, such as the layout of the options, can be a focus on recent ideas; In addition, the transaction amount is; Recent of Taiwan stock over 100 billion yuan. Despite being more heavy.

As well as the election's impact, Risheng, a finance manager said, company, that its market was & # 39; coming out of November. President Trump SA delivered his thoughts on peace talks in China, but the US-China trade war has had a huge impact on the overall business of the center. There is a demand, especially Netcom and server, and the sales situation after launching the iPhone. The key to predicting future trends remains a change in the US warfare of China and the dangers caused by China's request backup in the future.

In terms of building stock, Chen Haohao analyzed that many electronic industries had experienced the location of mobile factories and demand for trade wars. In terms of technological development, it should be a high level of impediment. There is still hopeful about electronic lightning, electric vehicles and demand in relation to clouds to a fairly constant level, even if consumer sales are not good, but the development of the campsite industry will not be stopped, network building needs do not disappear suddenly, as well as to # 39; Continue with server expectations, ADAS concept, electric car, 5G, AI and other ethnic groups.

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