Weekly skiing in the Czech Republic allows the family to reach 26 miles. People who even get their credit


Every third Bohemia spun every winter in winter. Nearly 60 per cent of them go to winter tourist resorts in the Czech Republic, where a family of four people; An average cost of 25,516 crowns per week. Nearly one in five of the Czechs almost spend the holidays in the mountains. This comes from the current research by Equa Bank and a price study on port Dovolena.cz.

The average weekly average of 26,000 crowns in the Czech mountains of parents with two children is eight and twelve years old. When staying at a hotel three stars, it is still two other miles. A ski pass is also included in the amount for which the family pays nearly ten thousand crowns.

One fifth of the Czech, according to the Equa Bank survey, likes shorter stops again. Only 11 per cent of the Jewels spend at least a week's vacation in the mountains.

"Holidays in the mountains significantly hinder the family's budget for many of the Chess, and it is clear from the vote that every ten Czechs participate in a winter holiday -and or loan-form, as one of five of the Czechs can not afford their holiday in the mountains, "said the product manager and the development of his business Equa bank Ondřej Hák.

According to the survey, Czech is considered to be as solvent as Slovak, Hungarian or Polish. "6 out of 10 think they can spend as many winter holidays as opposed to, as opposed to our neighbors from Austria, we & # 39; feeling worse. " One of its & # 39; percent of Checkers who think we can pay less than the Austrians on holiday, "said the Equa Bank Report.

The Czech Mountains are still relatively beneficial in terms of pay and tariff prices for Bohemia. Respondents leave Ramzova and Ostružná in Jeseník.

On the other hand, Spindleruv Mlyn is the most expensive, which is considered to be the most expensive 45% of the respondents according to their opportunities. In the background was Pec pod Sněžkou (13 per cent) and third place the Giantach Mountains – Černá hora and Harrachov (every five percent).

Moreover, winter holidays are even more expensive – often as big as in the Czech Republic. The view is that Czech is among the most expensive holidays in Switzerland, 41% of respondents said, and 14.1% were in France.

On the other hand, the Czechs believe that as the most accessible foreign destination, Slovakia – see 40.4 per cent of respondents.

However, even a weekly holiday in Slovakia in the hotel will be three stars of a four-member family at 45 thousand crowns, which are similar to Italy. The cost of one-day skiing licenses in the most famous tourist towns of neighbors is more than one thousand crowns.

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