Weiss: I've done it for Hapala!


How could you pay? Arrogance of football player Vladimír Weiss ml. (28) on new dimensions. The spokeswoman was sacked at Slovakia with the Czech Republic, after the third place replaced by Pavel Hapal, a coach in 79 minutes and a game. Then he did not snap in front of his mouth!

It is obvious that the object has grown to its # 39; A bitter taste that was left in the mouth with Hapal's decision to put him in a game with the Czech or at home against Ukraine. After the last visit, Slovakia coach started in the federal drby performing trick. Hapal said he saw most of the ball, and the statistics agreed to them – 79% of his possession. Weissa was so sorry he was out of her bing.

Although the journalists were waiting for the & # 39; a coach in the mix before the team bus, Weiss apparently moved to this place in civilian clothing as an electronic, with the organizers diligently trying to show him the nearest way. On the way out, he said he was unhappy with sparkling ideas. In the feeling of feelings he allowed to represent them even! "I completed Hapla after Hapl, I will put myself in the days ahead," Wednesday & Plus Plus One on the old Manchester Town, Glasgow Rangers, Espanyol Barcelona and Olympiakos Piraeus.

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"We know the Vlad. We know how it plays. We decided for this change and we did not let go to game. However, it is not written in any place that can not be held in other meetings, "Protecting its decision on a post-printed press by Czech Hapal. "I did not feel through the game that left Weiss. I was teaching the team. I did not know until I put it into the cabin. I try to disallow the player in some way. I can find out what's going on, and I'll find out what's going on. "Hapal said. Later on, when he left the playground, he said that he and his hand took his hand, but he did not tell him a word.

It is easy to understand, after finishing a long flight from Qatar Qatar, that the game was not accessible. But that does not give him the right to carry himself in this way. It is not a mistake of the coach; He was unable to set up his strong competition.

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Audiences regarding the production of the Weissa are losing ml. from the hill at his game: Galis tells him another way away

Misnich to the production? If Vladimir Weiss meant that. (28) to get out of & # 39; bing at the end of the League of the Czech Republic – Slovakia (1: 0), he chose the most important way. He is likely to show his misery and confidence by doing so, the two games against Ukraine and the Czech Republic traveled from a distance away; without catastrophe. His new coach, Pavel Hapal (49), did not succeed in Trnava or in Prague for a minute.

For this reason, we did not know John Kozak. "It has happened to me too. As a coach of the war, I played Filip Šeba in the game, which was soon after and I went to the audience, "he remembered the previous coach of Dušan Galis.

Weiss acted as a substitute for the status. As soon as you can; The last possible gameplayer, Adam Nemec, was ill unhappy and disappeared from the hill. "If it's true that Weiss wants to finish in production, he needs to deal with it in a different way. For example, he can cite a news conference and tell him to go out but not to run out of his & # 39; bays. "

Galis has given a score to Weiss among those who can not say that their coach will not be sent to the park. "He has a lot of competition as a player for European players. They are in the eye. Not. He would definitely help him if he had gone into the European club to see. In Qatar, it is definitely a lack of performance. "

Stanislav Griga coach was co-directed with Michal Hippom when Weiss, with Hamšík, Stoch and Guédé, retired after a duel post in Lithuania at a disco. The Quartet defeated the awards to complete those who used MS 2014. Griga did not want to discuss the Weiss. "This is a question for the player's coach. It is essential to find out what it has happened and not to turn your head into the sand, but for its & # 39; solve everything. "

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