Welcome Freddie Mercury: The film received her billionaire


"I think I'm durable," said Freddie after six years of friendship; his faith. "I think you're gay," said Mary. "And we have not yet said something, we did not stop us," she said after the years of December 1976. This view is one of the keys in Bohemian Rhapsody, Currently bringing out houses around the world. The story of the Queen's stories, and in particular the well-known singer, is deeply based on Freddie's doubts about himself and his love.

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Although Freddie was in the mid-1970s, Mary came close to a man. "It was like marriage to me, and my wife without papers," he explained. And so he became a son's son, and she received half of her property when she went to AIDS in 1991. And the rights are also included.

It was not long until the film was the story so successful on a musical star, earned about 17 billion crowns. He received two Golden Globes (the best drama and best role for Rami Malek) and there is a lot of belief in the Oscars. The band, Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, have been a huge contributor to burning, and she also benefits her many profits – and Freddie's heiress although she is a & # 39; live in many places and do not get involved in the & # 39; film. Daily Mail has a new earning estimate at £ 40m ($ 1.1bn).

Bohemian Rhapsody – Trailer with Japanese subtitles:

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