"Welcome, he is a historic director"


Site habitat Beul already European soil, and Guillermo Barros Schelotto Editing what is designed for the end of the year Cup Libertadores in the Las Rozas computer. The duel with him The River be on Sunday 9 December at the Santiago Bernabu stadium, from 16.30 local time.

On Thursday, at the opening where the Xeneize is training, Dario Benedetto One of the players who attended the media. However, the words "Pipe"about mourning before Millionaire, they were covered by the phrase he answered in terms of certification Rafael Di Zeo, head of the city's barrabrava club An Ribera, so you can travel to Spain.

"Welcome, he's a historic leader," the stripper launched. It should be remembered Di Zeo have been allowed for justice to travel to Madrid because they believe there is "no risk of escape", and that political pole power in a classical introduction has been identified by violence.

Before he empowered justice, head of La 12, barrabrava de BeulHe had already been open. Tuesday, Di Zeo He himself was present at the shooting of the team. Then, he showed himself at the front of his mail, as if he were over the work.

"It's not the players' issues, I believe they are fans and are enabled, it's something that is heard, as the historic leader is & Bar, "he said. Pipa Benedetto about attendance Di Zeo in Superfinal of the Conmebol Libertadores.

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