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Central News Place / NOWnews

(Lin Changshun Press Group Reporter, Xinbei, 17th) Councilor Li Wei New City City campaigned to launch a "National Geographic" trademark, and National Geographic issued a recital yesterday want to withdraw. Li Wei accepted today's excuse and said that he will be better at once.

Li Wei is currently running for re-election. These posters and posters were published in the top left corner of the Chinese and English "National Geographic" trademarks.

Published by National Geographic on Facebook last night. National Geographic has no co-operation with any applicant for public office elections. Recently, it has been found that a candidate on National Geographic Chinese and English traders have been campaigned for unauthorized approval. Request to remove the relevant articles, and the legal section to seek legal channels.

In the evening, Li Wei indicated that he only gave the applicants an account of the long-term social housing policy, received government support and implementation, and was recognized by renowned international media. He was recited again and again thanked the National Geographic magazine to allow Taipei Town and Li Wei to allow Banqiao to see the world.

In any situation, she said, she's trying to & # 39; maintain and implement long-term housing performance, and does not; trading trades suddenly. If there are relevant administrators who are illegal in homework, they are willing to relax for trademark owners.

Li Wei said he hoped that the loss of the administrators would have an adverse impact on his focus and that he discharged his long-term achievements. (Editor: Zhang Mingkun) 1071117

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