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On the morning of January 4, Wenzhou Town Intermediate Court, Zhejiang Department, did not hear the "Drip and Wind Mill Driver Killing" case. Chen Youwei, former Deputy Head of the Intermediate Court of Wenzhou, won his case and was the leader of the " judge. The collegiate group heard. Zhong Yuan defender, male, born in June 1991, Han nationalism, secondary education, migrant workers, Jintang County, Sichuan Province.

Given that her & # 39; arrested by the Yueqing Municipal Public Security Bureau on August 28th, 2018, Wenzhou Public People Pròbharato separated a public lawsuit against the Wenzhou Intermediate People's Court on 8 November, the same year, and the Court of Human Rights Courts Wenzhou's middle case on the same day.

City Wenzhou Procuratorate declared Zhong Yuan defenseist about the debts required on the online platform for online gearing, and he planned to steal the women when he was involved in a & # 39; drip industry. On August 23, 2018, Zhong Yuan defender unfortunately waited for his & her; the first time the female passengers stole. On 24 August, 2018, when Zhong Yuan defender was involved in the wind mill industry and his / her. wind, caused the risk and failure to connect, and killed Zhao Moumou's attack to passengers after the robber and crime. Zhong Yuan defender was charged with a criminal responsibility for murder, enforcement and error.

In court, The defendant recognizes the facts stated, disturbing him for crimes, and was willing to take legal sanctions. The defenders suggested that the first robbery the defendant had to defend was & # 39; preventing the offense rather than being prepared, and plotting was truth and regret, and that the demand was brought to lightness.

Due to personal privacy, by law, the Wenzhou Intermediate People Court will conduct exams in a public manner, case was constantly displayed.

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