"We're sorry for everyone, this life I'm struggling with the ones that have not been completed"


If you include life is not enough and you can not let the listeners be excused, you're sorry to work on television.

VIDEO VIDEO: After playing, Nam a & # 39; disturb everyone and show life "unfinished" (From 13:15)

Hoa Nam I'm continuing the test in the show Twenty-twisted twin talkIn the new program 5, Nam Em – Manh Dong is a & # 39; turn together in pairs that give mutual relationships but they need to break up in the song Missing – flat.

It's worth giving a description that it is not a function, its style, For you are also a & # 39; come true. She sat down with Manh Dong on the stage and she decided to be her true attestation while she was in a position; Hold hands with Manh Dong and talk about being & # 39; talk about flying.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, - 1

Nam Em and Manh Dong on TV last night.

She said: "When she was young she lived in poverty, she was not close to her parents, she grew up and did not wait for a man. She then met her with A beautiful man and she said she was not in love. She made all sorts of conviction, but grew most of a life loss.

She spent all that person could. After going out, he talked about waiting for him. And she's waiting, a & # 39; waiting day to day without seeing a message. "

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, - 2

After the work, Minh Vy's composer said that Nam Em and Manh Dong were different, "they have many of them" and did not use them together.

Director of Hoang Nhat Nam is divided separately by the composer Minh Vy. He said"The men are news and I'm sure in that statement about Men in real life" and the director Hoang Nhat Nam also asked Nam Em to be sure and he did not; he only got his sad smile.

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When Hoang Nhat Nam's director queried the real life of Nam Em, Quang Linh "faced the opponent" and said he did not mention private life. Minh Vy said the funny musician as the judge said: "The impact of the opposition.

Nam co-star, Manh Dong, was the cause for the insight of the script, saying:

"The first script is not so big, it's not related to me and the boys are talking to me. I also listen because of the fact that Nam Nam You are now trying to share the words you're sorry for. I also agree to follow Em. I was also a bit surprising and try to follow the story of Nam Em.

And Nam Em's character broke the character line in me, in my mind, you've drunk and you're Naming the ones that are in the face. reflecting my ideas. Today, we will share its & # 39; heart and so people think it's the real scene; There are not people in the dream.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, - 4

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, 5

The men with Manh Dong were not talked about at all.

Expressed by the judges, Em Em moved: "I'm sorry for everyone"At the same time, she turned into co-actor Manh Dong and said to her in a trouble: "Dong has a lot of mistakes. Indeed, Dong is always a supporter, always helps everyone." I'm going to use it, but because my life is like song, it will be unhealthy. "

MC Liao Ha Trinh replaced the judges, giving him comfort for him and hoped that she was looking more because people wanted to see her on the stage.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, - 6

Judges 5 episodes did not judge the amazing exhibition. Two senior artists Bao Tri – Vu Thanh have returned to a pet ticket for 4 pairs.

According to the two teams thrown, due to lack of training time, there was no impact on the show, so the two agreed to stop it; game and return to her visit. So, there are 4 couples Nam Em – Manh Dong, Hoang Nguyen – Yen Nhien, Tuan Dung – Ly Thu Thao, Nhu Huynh – Indochina running together one step forward. Two golds weekly broadcast at 21m on THVL1.

The Em Nam game was introduced into the Changjiang Giang market network

Truong Giang continues to & # 39; participating in this game although it does not "affect" Nam Em.

According to Hai Do – Video: BTC delivered (Find)

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