West Bank residents block traffic to propose a bus campaign


West Bank residents blocked Saturday morning traffic to respond to a bus bus proposed through their community, which will replace the fast-line bus service of B-Line .

A number of campaigners appeared at the corner of Marine Drive and the 13th Street to face the mail, which TransLink had to do; praised as part of North Northern Transportation inspection.

"It was just our harassment," said Nigel Malkin's business owner and enterprise activist, describing her & # 39; praise.

"The school board did not know, the police design committee did not know, they have not spoken to the merchants, they have not spoken to it with their community."

Traffic is a bad place for much on North Shore, where main paths and bridges are concentrated regularly.

TransLink praised the bus on Marine Drive as a means of reducing the burden on North Shore roads. The road will deliver the road from four routes in total for passenger carriages in both routes down to two of them.

According to her report, one B-Line shop can carry 110 cars one-off equivalent. He says that B-Line buses can move up to 1,600 people per hour – which equals four BC ferry carriers.

"If you have inserted a B-line, and that you give them traffic trails, that will encourage more people to travel less in a car, and more than a bus," said Peter Scholefield with the HUB cycling network.

The report says that TransLink is consulting with hundreds of residents who have a " North Coast over two months and was strongly supported by the B-Line buses and traffic changes to make them faster.

But Saturday campaigners said the restaurant would be getting worse. They blocked the road to make drivers look at what's coming.

Campaigners say that bus bus routes will have a worse density. (Jon Hernandez / CBC)

Business owner Michel Ibrahim said that the likelihood of the change was similar.

"We are [are] All are happy with the way it is now. It's good for customers, like this mother together with her son, parked in the car here and it comes to sweep, "he said.

With files from Jon Hernandez

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