Westbrook is under the threat of court supporters, the man's wife


SALT CITY – Russell Westbrook took no repetition on heat exchange with a fan during Oklahoma City Thunder's influence over Utah Jazz on Monday night, saying the threat to the man and his wife were "jeopardizing" t was extremely unsatisfactory ”.

An exchange was kept when Westbrook was on or near the top of the Thunder set over the second season, t video and went to apply for it on Twitter.

According to Westbrook, the man said to him, "Come down to your knees as you were." Westbrook believed there would be a "racial" and "inappropriate".

"For me, I'm not going to give my family a bad reputation," said Westbrook, who had 23 points, 11 rebounds and eight support the win for Thunder's 89-89. "I just think something has been done. It needs to affect the kind of people who come to the game just to say it and anything they want to say. I think it's fair to the players – not just to myself, but I don't think it's fair to the players.

“And if I had to do it again, I would say it would be the same thing, for I actually stand for myself, for my family, for my children, for my wife, for my mother. Father, every time. I expect anyone else to do the same. So, I speak to the wife, I never put my hand on a wife, I never get in domestic violence. Never before, but when he said, his wife said the same thing to me as well, so that is how it started. video is more important and unfair than what you hear.

40-year-old fan Shane Keisel told ESPN he didn't stay at Westbrook or say anything that was unacceptable. Keisel says that the exchange started "so fun" because he was pulling on his family at Westbrook to "Take these knees up!" According to Keisel, after Westbrook replied that he was kneeling on his knees, Keisel hollered, "You are going to want it." Keisel said his brother, Jennifer Huff, had not taken part in the exchange.

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Shane Keisel, Jazz fan, Russell Westbrook, was onward, telling how the situation arose and did not like being Westbrook after his wife.

"It was just putting nuts," Keisel said to ESPN. "She never got it. She has never been. She never said anything to him. I mean it's ok, we have fun and games and we are talking t but at the end of the day, a woman should not be threatened with time, time.

"I'm not afraid of goose. Come up. But when you threaten a woman 5 feet high and 110 pounds, it's a big man. This boy was open.

Keisel, who sat in the third row of the line near bench Thunder, said the video had been burned with fanfare in the first row. Keisel said he had sent the video to "friends in the social media industry" because he wanted the exchange to be seen.

"I'm going to tell you one thing, I'll resurrect if it's said – – again. I promise you," said Westbrook with a security guard behind him. a start at the beginning of the video. Westbrook then looks to Keisel. "I promise you. You think I'm playing. I promise to God, I promise to God.

"I promise you, everything I enjoy. Everything I enjoy, —— I promise you."

Keisel was issued with warning cards and a few other fans for “verbal abuse” which was breaking the code of conduct for the NBA supporters. The card said that any other form of abuse would be returned without refund.

“We are continuing to carry out a survey of the unfortunate exchange in a game played by Russell Westbrook and supporters,” said the Jazz Postgame. ” T 39. Many warning cards. Support staff and support staff are responsible for creating a safe and respectful environment. If it is established that any followers have prevented the NBA Code of Conduct, then appropriate action will be taken. "

Guard of Thunder's tower, Raymond Felton, said he was hearing about the ideas that Westbrook angels had inspired and confirmed his team of the story.

"I'm getting it, sometimes some words are wrong, some of the things you say are wrong," Felton said. "I don't give that away, I don't say so. I all say that, when it comes to defending it as players? Not right for Russ to deal with that when I play. and they said unto him, I say, I say, I say, that is not right.

The event reminded everyone to finish the first series of a play between Jazz and Thunder, when Utah put away OKC in six games.

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"I did not face supporters; supporters attacked me," said Westbrook after a match in April. “Here in Utah, a man of great repression, the players are told here about what here is. He is extremely unpleasant. Talk about your families, your children. He is a true fan of the game, one. "

That night, Westbrook broke a supporter's mobile when he walked out to the tunnel after the loss of Thunder, after putting 46 points on 43 shots. This was the second interactive that night for Westbrook with a courtroom, and he turned and turned at one that said something to the past as he left the floor at half-past t .

"I think there are a lot of big fans around the world who want to come to the game and enjoy the game," said Westbrook on Monday night, when he sent a statement 2½. his concerns, but he did not undertake media inquiries. "People who come to the game are for things I am reluctant to see in my family. For many years I have done all the right things. never to damage or harm anyone, he has never been in any trouble, and never had been in the 11-year-old league – clean slate and humble.

"I do anything, criticize them from everyone. I've been doing the same thing for years. I don't care. I'm just sitting back. sometimes that was just one video, but throughout the whole game, since I have been here here, especially here in Utah, many things have been disliked t . "

Felton urged the league office to protect the players as a priority, calling their ideas to Westbrook "absurd."

"They're always trying on Russ, and it's not ok, one," said Felton. "It's not right to tell someone to get his knees: That's the thing you are doing. 'Then you turn round and his wife repeats again and his wife is repeating again. T She says that he is really right again. [Westbrook] he said, but what they said to him first.

"It doesn't come away and talk to the supporters, just saying things to them, just putting out the words. They don't come to it at first. When is it going to come?" To protect our players, people can say what they want to say during games and bring things out and talk about our families, talk about our children, that's not right but that's not right. protecting our players? "

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